VW Golf GTI Mk6 Widebody Kit With TCR Racer Look Debuting at SEMA 2023, Also for Golf R

The upcoming 2023 SEMA Show (Oct 31-Nov 3) is gearing up to deliver countless memorable builds of the Euro flavor. One of these, a heavily modified Golf GTI Mk6, will showcase the Alkoto Concepts widebody kit for the Volkswagen Golf GTI and Golf R Mk6, which brings the uber-focused look of the GTI TCR touring car.

Steven Nadaskai (@typicalstevenn), the creator of the widebody kit, is no stranger to the Las Vegas event. For one, the aficionado helped Tyler Cordura put together this purple Porsche Cayman with a Karma widebody for the SEMA Battle of the Builders’ Young Guns competition in 2022.

Last year also saw Steven starting work on the Alkoto Concepts widebody kit, which he plans to showcase at SEMA 2023 on his personal Mk6 Golf GTI-we’ll get back to the project car below.

At the time of press, the builder had showcased renderings portraying the final look of the kit, along with images of his SEMA-bound prototype vehicle, which, like many such builds out there, was still in the works.

Alkoto Concepts TCI Racer-look Widebody Kit for the Mk6 Golf GTI and Golf R

The widebody kit fits the entire US-spec production run of the Mk6 Golf GTI (2010-2014MY) and Golf R, in both two- and four-door trim. As stated in the intro, the kit borrows its looks from the Mk7 Volkswagen Golf GTI TCR touring car (not the related, non-US street car), which grabbed multiple championship titles last decade.

The kit is comprised of replacement bits (front bumper, front fenders, and rear bumper), along with add-on elements (front splitter, side skirts, side splitters, rear fenders, rear door panels, and rear bumper). Note that the new fenders make the car 110 mm (43.3 inches) wider at both ends.

While the front and side splitters will be built from ACM (aluminum composite material), the rest of the widebody kit will be made from FRP (fiber-reinforced polymer).

As for the hatch spoiler, hood vent, and LED fog light bezel showcased in these renderings, which will be present on the SEMA vehicles, the builder promises these will be available separately “in the near future”.

For now, Steven has 3D printed the prototype kit on the SEMA show car, but he recently took to Instagram to announce he’s already received pre-orders for the kit.

The VW Golf GTI and Golf R Mk6 Alkoto Concepts widebody kits comes with a $6,750 pre-order price, while a $3,000 pre-order deposit is required.

The prototype vehicle for the VW Golf GTI and Golf R Mk6 Alkoto Concepts widebody will rock SEMA 2023

The performance hardware we’ll meet on the SEMA build includes a VW 2.5L 07K five-cylinder with a big turbo and a standalone ECU, coilovers, a racing steering column, a gutted interior with a roll cage, and others.

And since the 25-year-old is a massive VW Group aficionado, the details of the build reflect this. We’re talking stuff like a modified early Lamborghini Gallardo exhaust manifold for that aftermarket-turbocharged VW 07K 2.5L five-cylinder that tells the world this engine is half of a Lamborghini 5.0L V10.

As for why somebody would use the Volkswagen 07K 2.5L five-cylinder instead of the more common VW 2.0L turbo-four, Stevan explains this only brings benefits if you’re turbocharging the former. The benefits he lists include a better soundtrack for the 2.5, as well as a lower budget, but the money you’re going to spend on the turbo bits may offset the latter.

The transmission is the 02Q GTI six-speed manual, with a twin ceramic clutch disc upgrade to handle the extra torque. As for the stopping power, the factory front calipers were replaced with Brembo 17Z six-piston units, while drilled and slotted aftermarket discs are present.

And once Volkswagen goes through with its plan to use the Golf GTI and Golf R badges for ID electric hot hatchbacks, builds like this will become even more significant.



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