2024 VW Passat B9 Sedan Makes Digital Debut, May Be Built Overseas

Volkswagen has been undecided about building a ninth-generation Passat altogether, so the recent debut of the B9 Passat is good news for customers seeking a practical, spacious and comfortable German car from the mid-size segment. And while in Europe the carmaker is only building the new model as a wagon (Variant in VW talk), we can now take a look at the 2024 VW Passat B9 sedan that VW may offer in China thanks to an artist rendering.

It’s no secret that Volkswagen is focusing on EVs these days, which is why the the automaker offers and all-electric alternative to the Passat. This is the 2025 ID.7 liftback sedan, which entered production last month and is destined for the North American, European and Chinese markets.

Volkswagen has been going back and forth on plans to axe the ICE-powered B9 Passat generation altogether and finally decided to allow this 1973-introduced model to live on for one more generation, albeit not in the US, where the model was retired after the 2022MY, with no successor in sight.

And, to limit its investment in the B9 Passat, this is essentially a sister model to the fourth-generation Skoda Superb that will debut this fall. As for why Europe is only getting the 2024 Passat B9 as a wagon, the main reason involves dwindling sedan sales on the Old Continent.

Nevertheless, the Czech model set to arrive in both wagon and sedan form (it’s actually a liftback/hatchback). And since the B9 Passat is no longer built in Germany, the two will even share Skoda’s production site in Bratislava, Slovakia.

2024 VW Passat B9 Sedan rendering

Unlike the Skoda Superb, the Passat has always been known for its distinct three-box sedan shape. Still, this 2024 Passat B9 sedan rendering portrays a different rear end design. That’s because its creator, digital artist Theottle, aimed for a realistic take, using spyshots of the upcoming fourth-generation Superb as inspiration.

This redesign had to take into account the larger footprint of the B9 Passat, as the wagon is almost 5.7 inches (144mm) longer than the car it replaces, with an overall length of 193.6 inches (4,917 mm). Plus, the generation change has boosted the wheelbase by 2 inches (50 mm), for an overall value of 111.9 inches (2,841 mm).

The rendering shows the 2024 Passat sedan from up front, as well as from the rear, where the artist also drew a new lower apron, albeit with the latter integrating VW’s traditional faux exhausts. Of course, the real car’s appearance changes quite dramatically depending on the trim level, with customers able to choose between Passat, Business, Elegance, and R-Line.

VW should build at least one 2024 Passat B9 sedan model for China

In real life, Volkswagen is expected to build a sedan based on the B9 Passat over in China. The world’s largest auto market, China has plenty of traditionalist customers, so the three-box body type is still popular.

In that part of the world, VW offers multiple forms of the Passat (e.g., the Passat built by SAIC-VW and Magotan made by FAW-VW).

B9 Passat engine range on the Old Continent

The engine range for the 2024 B9 Passat starts with a 1.5L four-cylinder turbo that features a mild-hybrid setup and makes 148 hp (150 PS). Then we have a pair of 2.0 TSI turbo-fours with 201 hp (204 PS) and 262 hp (265 PS).

A pair of plug-in hybrid powertrains has joined the range. Both use the said 1.5L TSI engine, , a 19.7 kWh battery and an electric motor, offering 201 hp (204 PS) and 268 hp (272 PS). The all-electric range sits at 62 miles (100 km), while charging options include 11 kW AC and up to 50 KW fast charging.

The good old diesel part of the range is very much here with the B9. We’re looking at three versions of the 2.0TDI that make 121 hp (122 PS), 148 hp (150 PS) and 190 hp (193 PS).

Based on the powertrain, you can have a six- or seven-speed DSG dual-clutch transmission, along with FWD or 4Motion AWD.

European pricing for the 2024 Passat B9

Volskwagen has yet to introduce the pricing for the 2024 Passat B9 and yet we can use the prices of the B8 Variant wagon as a refference—expect the generation change to bring an increase of €3,000 at the very least.

At the time of this writing, the German market configurator for the B8 Passat Variant kicked off at €38,50. At the other end of the scale, we have the rugged-looking Passat Alltrack, which starts at €57,0135. Speaking of which, here’s a 2024 Passat B9 Alltrack rendering previewing the upcoming production model.



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