First Custom 2022 Golf R Wagon Slammed o Rotiform Aerodisc Wheels in Taiwan

I’ll be honest with you guys. Besides the ones in the press photos, I have never seen a real-world 2022 Golf R Variant / Wagon before. We’re talking about the long-roof version of the all-new model that’s just making its way to American dealerships. Obviously, you can’t buy this German forbidden fruit Stateside, which is why the first custom model I’ve ever seen comes from overseas.

Not Germany or Austria, though. No, Instagram thinks I’d like to see this white wagon from Taiwan. And it’s right, of course. While not everybody will like the mods, they show the potential of the 2022 Golf R.

So what’s been changed? Well, let’s start with the ride, which is lower thanks to a set of H&R springs, which bring the car 25mm or about an inch closer to the ground. The owner points out that the H&R website might not show 28617-2 (rear springs) if you look for them under R hatchback. These springs work with the Cupra Leon and Skoda Octavia RS, which just shows how versatile VW Group vehicles are.

The front lip of the Golf R features an insert from Maxton Design, while the rear is left stock. The only other change and probably the most expensive is a set of wheels, which are 19×85. RSE with the Aerodisc from Rotiform. Tell me you’re a VW guy without telling me you’re a VW guy!

Why the 2022 Golf R Variant / Wagon is special

Volkswagen had a huge R model expansion all planned out a couple of years ago. But due to the pandemic and chip shortage, all the special models are insanely expensive and hard to find.

Look for a Tiguan R or Arteon R Shooting Brake and you’ll be shocked to see them costing similar money to a BMW M340i. There’s no question that the updated 2.0 TSI punches above it’s weight, but we’re still talking about a four-cylinder inside a compact car here.

The design of the new Golf R has been somewhat polarizing, but I think the wagon looks better than before. The interior may be a bit polarizing for VW fans who are used to a traditional look combined with old-fashioned buttons and switches. However, the tech is solid.

My favorite highlights of the 2022 Golf R tech package are the engine control unit and the new AWD system which can allow powered slides to occur.



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