WhistlinDiesel in Abused G63 Gets PIT Maneuvered by Dawson County Sheriff’s Office After Playing Tug of War Against Tractor

While the Metaverse promises to take us many steps closer to living out the fantasies we indulge in when playing video games or watching out favorite productions on TV, there are YouTubers out there who try to generate real-life versions of this for those who enjoy living out vicariously via social media. And you’d be hard-pressed to find a vlogger whose antics are more extreme than those of WhistlinDiesel, at least when it comes to automotive content. Case in point with his latest video, which sees his already-abused-to-hell G63 getting trashed by a real Dodge Charger police car—no, really, a fender flare flew off—and then some.

By now, many of you are aware of how WhistlinDiesel treats his most recent purchase, a 2021 Mercedes-AMG G63. This AMG-beefed-up version is part of the 2018-introduced, second-generation G Wagon. The new iteration of the off-roader features a more refined approach compared to that of the 1979-born, military vehicle-derived original, which was created using a recipe that Mercedes had in its cookbook since the 1930s.

But Cody Detwiler, to use the vlogger’s real name, doesn’t care about that, which is why he used the G63 for a 91-foot dune jump, plowed it into a swamp, and dropped it through a house. And now that we know what WD did last summer, it’s time to see his latest anti-mall-crawler antic.

Sure, torturing such an icon can be a pretty strong enthusiast repellant. But Cody’s latest Gelandewagen production seems like a list of ingredients that quite a few aficionados can resonate with and we’ll explain that below.

Cody seems to be building on the good ole Top Gear recipe here

Many of us have chuckled while watching senior performance or luxury vehicles getting bashed in old Top Gear challenges. And we can say the same about getting chased by the cops in games like Need for Speed or Grand Theft Auto. Heck, even if you’re more into sim racers when it comes to car games, you’ve certainly indulged in using a (tire) wall to carve your way through a corner in arcade racing fashion at least once in your life.

And all the stuff we mentioned above happens in this new clip in one way or another—the video seems to be WD’s idea of taking a G63 to the track.

As with multiple of his previous productions, Cody mixes his vehicle-destroying antics with a positive social message. So, on the one hand, the vlogger tells us that the said house drop, which saw the vehicle getting parked on its side, hydrolocked the engine of the G63 due to oil getting into the intake and Cody trying to start it “35 times”. While this might be obvious, it’s best not to take these numbers like this (or financial figures) all that seriously in his videos.

Those are real police cars driven by actual officers

On the other hand, during his visit to Georgia’s Atlanta Motorsports Park, WD teamed up with the social media-active Dawson County Sheriff’s Office. So his G63 got PIT maneuvered and spun by a Charger cop car to promote the authorities’ message of encouraging speeding on the track (you can check out the Office’s Facebook post on this below the WD video).

Who knows? Perhaps the vlogger is trying to have… balanced experiences with the law following the court appearance he had back in June. That lawsuit is ongoing and covers what is said to be a splash legislation violation on Cody’s part during a Tennessee lake trip that he took back in May.

Oh, and if you’ve ever wondered who would win a tug of war game between a G-Class and a tractor (yes, it’s that WD tractor), now you can get your answer, paved surface and all.



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