WhistlinDiesel Buys “$300,000” Mercedes-AMG G63, Does 91-Foot Jump

Don’t you just hate it when people buy super tough-looking SUVs and never even get them dirty? Yeah, it’s nice to see the latest Forgiato wheel design or carbon fiber widebody kit. But don’t you just want to see $300,000 of German engineering get used and abused? YouTuber WhistlinDiesel has got you covered with his latest purchase, a G63 version of the G-Wagon.

Just yesterday, Throttle House drag raced a Mercedes-AMG G63, the exact same model of SUV. They noted how it “only” makes 577 horsepower compared to the 1000 hp of a Hummer and also pointed out that both are subjected to huge markups. Well, it seems the Mercedes dealers are even crazier with their pricing shenanigans because WhistlinDiesel says he paid $300,000.

Now, most of what he says isn’t supposed to be taken seriously, and it’s part of the reason why people love these videos. So we’re not sure if the price is real. But a G63 starts from about $160,000. Markups could easily add another $50,000 on top o this, and the red luxury brick is bound to have lots of expensive options.

Not the first expensive car he’s destroyed

According to Cody (that’s WD’s real name), the G63 has got heated and massaging floors, for example. Oh, and it’s been customized with a suspension lift, bigger off-road tires, and new turbochargers. We wouldn’t believe it’s been modded that way if the old, factory-fitted turbochargers weren’t sitting in the trunk. However, “1000 hp” is difficult to achieve on this 4.0-liter V8, and it’s probably making more like 700 hp.

Speaking of performance-enhancing mods, the G63 has also been equipped with an Akrapovic titanium exhaust system. And while most folks who own a custom SUV like this treat it nicely, WhistlinDiesel treats it like he usually does.

Together with a lifted Toyota Hilux pickup, the German SUV is trailed to some sand dunes. The abuse starts even before the off-road section, as the G63 is jumped off the trailer instead of being unloaded normally.

After that, the supposedly $300,000 vehicle is repeatedly bashed around, culminating in a 91-foot monster jump. Because of the bigger tires, the G63 gets its fender lining ripped off and sustains a bit of bumper damage. But otherwise, we’re told that it survived unscathed.

Something tells us that’s not the case, and all that sand under the hood has caused engine damage. But these things are supposed to be tough. Sure, that damage might cost thousands to repair, and the residual value is ruined. But it’s nice to see a G63 finally treated like the monster truck it really is.

This is the kind of stuff every kid wants to do with their dad’s SUV but gets told “no.” G63 owners, hide your keys!



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