The DeBerti C10 Slayer is a 1965 Chevy Six-Wheeler With 1000 HP LSX

Builder Brad DeBerty is already a household name in the custom/racing truck scene after making that Toyota Tacoma drift rig. However, he outdid himself in 2021 with this 1965 Chevy C10 dubbed the C10 Slayer.

Doug DeBerti has a long career of amazing trucks. And, if anything, his son Brad’s work is even more groundbreaking. It’s like the perfect mix between old designs and new race tech, like Hot Wheels for the road or… a Yasid Design rendering made real (they did collaborate).

While we have seen plenty of 6-wheeled vehicles before, everything seen here feels unique: slammed body with fender flares, Whipple supercharger on an LSX with red “trumpets” and a tandem-axle rear setup.

Like all the great truck builds, this starts with a chassis, designed in collaboration between the DeBertis and Scott’s Hotrods ‘n Customs. It’s designed around the strange rear axle layout and the insane power of the modified Chevy crate.

The two tandem axles are arranged like on a big rig, with a Watt’s link. However, the tubular chassis quickly reveals secrets like the parallel four-link rear suspension or the Mittler Brothers hydraulic-over-spring HydroShox setup.

The exposed bed area also houses some pretty cool exhausts, cross-drilled brakes, and a set of 20-inch Govad wheels. These are painted candy red and are covered in about five feet of rubber (measured horizontally).

Wildest truck of SEMA 2021

Advanced Fiberglass Concepts is the company responsible for the bodywork. It’s a complex setup out of a sci-fi movie. At the back, the C10 Slayer boasts a large wing. Only the tailgate and a small cutout of the fender remain. Meanwhile, the front sports a custom bumper, spoiler and widebody fenders.

Under the hood… and over it, we have a crate engine from Chevy Performance. Name, that’s the LSX376-B15, which has been paired with a 5.0-liter Whipple supercharger featuring custom red stacks. It makes a full 1000 horsepower, so the 4L80 ATD transmission supposedly fitted here can’t possibly be stock.

While the videos below show the C10 Slayer leaving SEMA 2021 under its own muscle, the builder has a lot more he wants to be done. Just watch young DeBerti’s take.

Besides the drift Tacoma, which we just mentioned and this, Brad is known for one more build. In 2016, the Ford F-150 Raptor “Pre-Runner” was shown with some meaty tires. It won him the Young Gun award and went into the Top 10 Battle of the Builders at SEMA 2016.



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