Slammed 1986 Chevy Square Body Dually Lays Frame Like a Pro, Rides on 24s

Classic Chevy C/K trucks are more popular than ever. And the example parked on our screens today showcases a perfect recipe for a tastefully restrained restomod that only seems to get better the closer you get to it.

This slab of GM started out in life as a 1986 C30 Dually—the Cs were RWD, while the Ks stood for AWD workhorses. And, to start with what is probably the most extreme modification of the machine, you might be wondering how the truck manages to nearly kiss the ground when it rides on such large wheels—as mentioned in the title, these are 24-inch units.

The answer involves the chassis being tubbed up front and at the back—this means the inner wheel wells were enlarged and while noticing the front setup obviously requires popping the hood, a quick peek inside the bed tells enough of a story-this tubbed F30 BMW 3 Series burnout machine knows a thing or two about the procedure.

And the Accuair suspension also deserves credit for the driver being able to play with the ride height at the touch of a button.

Parading that retro look

The exterior has been maintained mostly stock. And the color scheme used here perfectly highlights the classic lines of the truck, which brought it the Rounded Line official nickname back in the day—the mostly rectangular front fascia did convince the public to call this a Square Body, though. We’re looking at a grey-and-white finish featuring tangerine pinstriping.

In between the massive front tubs, we find an LS3. And while the 6.2-liter V8 has remained naturally aspirated, it does pack a host of mods that add power and make its soundtrack even more impressive.

The motor is mated to a 4L80 four-speed automatic that features a shift kit for swifter operation, as this appears to be one of those duallys that like to give muscle cars a hard time.

As for the cabin, this features Dakota Digital gauges, along with a few neat tricks, chief among which are the crank-disguised power windows.

The 1986 Chevy dually is currently with Florida-based Bullet Motorsports, with a representative providing a walkaround and a quick drive in the video below. And while the air compressor might sound a bit noisy at times, the vehicle seems like it can ride as smooth as butter, while that LS3 soundtrack means you might now wish to touch the stereo too often.



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