Kim Kardashian’s Maybach GLS “Grey Ghost” Revealed With Matching 24-Inch Wheels

Kim Kardashian has a taste for the new and ultra-expensive when it comes to cars, which is predictable. But out of her entire collection, she said the new Mercedes-Maybach S580 was her favorite, which is unusual. And now it’s been joined by the other Maybach model offered by Mercedes, the GLS 600.

Now, the Maybach GLS has been on the market for a little while, so to ensure it stands out and is immediately recognizable as a Kim K vehicle, it’s received a full cosmetic makeover.

Social media and tabloids have given this many names: monotone grey, monochromatic or even Nardo Grey, taken from the Audi pallet. But when Kim revealed her collection a bit earlier, she called it “ghost grey” so that’s what we’re going with.

As you can probably tell, the Maybach GLS 600 looks a bit different. Normally, the uber-SUV is supposed to have lots of chrome trim, culminating in the giant grille element. Some say that’s ugly, and those critics might want to check out Kim’s ghost version.

The luxury SUV now sports the same color of grey all over, including the badges, grille, trim pieces, and roof rails. This has been paired with a set of 24-inch dual block SRX06 wheels made specifically for this vehicle and powder-coated in the same shade.

These mods were carried out at the California-based premium customizer Platinum Motorsport Group, which is known for its high-end customers. They have said this shade of gray was made specifically for her.

Why? Apparently, she wanted her cars to matcher the new house she bought. In February, the lifestyle magazine Vogue did a video interview and tour of Kim’s opulent new Los Angeles residence. In addition to following her around the house, the episode highlighted three other grey vehicles. “So I did all grey cars, instead of my typical matte silver that I used to do,” she says while showing a Lamborghini Urus, Rolls-Royce Ghost, and the Maybach S580 sedan, which he calls “my favorite baby ever, ever, ever.”

It’s been reported that Kanye West bought her five Maybach models for Christmas 2020, but it’s unclear if these have anything to do with the “grey ghosts” since the S580 sedan has been described as a 2022 model and it only entered production in 2021. But the Maybach GLS was available at the time.

Platinum confirms this was a vehicle delivered on “Christmas morning” and used to be wrapped matte silver.

What is a Maybach GLS 600?

The GLS 600 is the first Maybach SUV in the history of the brand. It starts from $175,000, and if you’re wondering why it costs that much, we’ve got a few details for you.

The GLS is available as a normal SUV model. However, Maybach has completely transformed it to become a 4-seat luxury limo. As standard, it would have come with 22-inch alloy wheels. Even though it’s a tall vehicle, you don’t really need to step up because side steps automatically open, and the SUV can lower itself thanks to air suspension.

The interior now has captains chairs in the back, and the third row was deleted so the remaining seats have more legroom. The best Nappa leather wraps everything, including the dashboard, doors, and roof.

Rich people like Kim buy the Maybach because it’s basically the most expensive Mercedes model. But the GLS 600 isn’t the most powerful in the lineup, as the 4.0-liter twin-turbo V8 in this only produces about 550 horsepower. The engine can shut down half of its cylinders to reduce fuel consumption and is fitted with a small electric booster motor for better responses.



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