Ginster Yellow Volkswagen Tiguan R-Line Slammed on Rotiform Wheels Has Quad Exhaust

Wrangler guys have “It’s a Jeep thing, you wouldn’t understand” as a way to explain all their custom car shenanigans, from giant wheels to tube doors. However, from Germany to Hong Kong and Florida, Volkswagen owners have their own customs, which involve lowering their cars on the most expensive wheels possible. It’s a VW thing!

A trip to any VW meet, especially the Worthersee will reveal plenty of “bagged” cars with lowered suspension systems. It’s not different from what Honda people do. However, VW fans seem to customize every model, not just the Golf GTI and R.

I’ve seen Jettas, Passats, and even European models like the Amarok being lowered. However, the Tiguan is also a prime target. This crossover relative of the Golf is VW’s top sales performer and actually looked amazing with the R-Line body kit, at least until they messed it up with the facelift.

And one Miami resident who goes by MrFit has decided to take a 2021 Tiguan R-Line all the way. His car rides as low as a Porsche 911 on some black Rotiform LAS-R Monoblock wheels, which probably cost $5,000 on their own.

The bodywork of the Tiguan features a nice contrast of colors, with tinted windows and a blacked-out grille bringing attention to the yellow body for a Bumblebee-like appearance. Volkswagen has two yellow colors, Turmeric Yellow, which is a metallic gold that makes the Mk7 Golf and Arteon coupe stand out, and Ginster Yellow, which is an old color that could be custom-ordered.

Obviously, the Tiguan looks like it’s Ginster yellow. However, that’s probably a wrap because I’ve never seen a special-order VW SUV before. The owner also fitted the Golf 7 R exhaust system.

For the record, you can buy a Tiguan R right now, at least in Europe. It comes with the new 2.0 TSI and an AWD system that can almost let you drift. However, it’s also super-expensive, which is probably why they’re not selling it in the States.

So what do you think is cooler, this or that yellow Subaru Forester STI?



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