Slammed Mercedes-AMG G63 Matches Midnight Purple to Rotiform Wheels

The Germans want everybody to call it the G-Class. However, Americans often use the term G-Wagon, and that may have given somebody the idea to lower the AMG G63 until it’s as low as an actual wagon. If that wasn’t enough, this one-off build also sports the same kind of Midnight Purple shade as an R34 Skyline GT-R and barely contains its large alloy wheels.

I’m not even sure if this is a real G63, because it’s very possible that they started off with a G 550. However, there’s not much left of the original design. The front end sports a Brabus look, which might normally be found on a Brabus 800 (as in it makes 800 hp).

This boy kit adds a deeper, sportier bumper with extra intakes and enlarged vents. Brabus also changes the design of the grille and gives the G63/550 that cool carbon fiber hood. There are other changes, obviously, like the roof LED lights or the carbon spoiler. But there are hundreds of other Brabus G63s, and none of them look like this.

That’s because those widebody fenders are resting right next to the gigantic dark copper wheels. Most G63 tuning projects go in the exact opposite direction, adding a few inches of lift, but this seems to have lost half a foot of suspension travel.

A star build from SEMA 2019

Those of you with a SEMA-loving disposition might remember this from the 2019 edition of the show. A shop called Sadistic Iron Werks had created this monster for the Toyo Tires stand.

A few months ago, the car was sold to its new owner, a fellow named Vittorio who goes by RHD King. He’s in the auto collision business and decided to make this his calling card. And so, a full wrap was commissioned at Long Island Vinyl.

The color of the wrap is a custom by Inozetek and is the same one they used on Alex Choi‘s widebody Lamborghini Huracan. Basically, it’s just like Midnight Purple, but with a bit more flip towards the green side.

There are no details for how the G63 was lowered. However, Accuair lowering modules have been confirmed. The new G-Class does have independent suspension at the front, so I’m mostly curious how the rear axle fits inside the body. Also, those Rotiform wheels make this look like a Japanese custom sports car, which is ironic considering this is one of the heaviest German V8 SUVs ever made.



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