Giant El Camino 4×4 Blends Together the Best of Chevy for Tiny Monster Truck Presence

Despite the present era seeing car-like crossovers becoming the norm, car-based pickups have remained a thing of the past. Of course, as electrification takes over, some of these trucks, many of which were bona fide muscle offerings back in the day, have become cult vehicles. And none is more famous than the Chevrolet El Camino, which was also the most enduring machine of the sort. So, how about one of the most outlandish examples we’ve seen to date? Enter the El Camino 4×4, a Chevy build that can tackle car meets and trails alike.

Things get quite specific in El Camino circles. So while the utility coupe was built in five generations, between 1959-1960 and 1964-1987, most enthusiasts prefer the Gen III. This was brought to the world between 1968-1972, smack dab in the middle of the muscle car era.

Sharing its platform with the Chevelle, it doubled down on its predecessor’s Big Block muscle by introducing multiple such motors, while making full use of the time’s Coke bottle styling.

Big Block muscle for a big car

Well, the Chevrolet El Camino 4×4 might have you confused, as this is a bit of a Franken-build. As such, this is a 1970 body with a 1969 front end and… a different chassis.

Gone is the A-Body RWD platform, with this being replaced by a 1977 Chevy four-wheel-drive chassis. The motivation comes from a 454 Big Block borrowed from a 1971 Chevelle (not this 1972 Mad Max-like lifted diesel Chevelle), which is mated to a GM TG350 three-speed automatic. After all, it would’ve been a pitty to see that cowl hood being there just for the show.

The 4WD nature of the machine determined us to give it the Chevelle 4×4 nickname, but it seems to go by many names. For one, owner, Charlie Tatum, mentions that children see this as a bit of a monster truck! And the Holley video below gives an even more visual description of the contraption: the Giant Yellow El Camino—a digital artist went crazy when rendering this mid-engined El Camino with a 632 Big Block!

We were glad to find out that Charlie likes to put some serious miles on the Chevrolet—with the kind of looks this machine generates, it’s not hard to understand the man’s motivation…



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