G-Wagon Abuse Continues as WhistlinDiesel Drives SUV into “Bottomless Sinkhole”

Apparently, PewDiePie said something about people buying expensive G-Wagons and only driving them to the Beverly Hills mall. This triggered the car-wrecking YouTuber WhistlinDiesel to get his own and abuse the heck out of it. It’s not just any old six-cylinder version, but a brand new Mercedes-AMG G63 that he claims cost $300,000.

Over a week ago, Cody presented this G-Wagon to his followers, saying it’s the nicest vehicle he’s ever had. According to him, this is way tougher than a Jeep and makes a thousand horsepower after some modifications. That’s an exaggeration, but he really did buy some expensive new turbos for it.

The problem is that the G63 is bright red, and we all know what happens when Cody buys a red car: it gets destroyed. Which is a real shame considering this actually is an expensive, nice luxury vehicle. Maybe this is catharsis for people hating on celebrities who own this.

But anyway, the G63 basically got treated like a rental car last time. It was driven to the desert and performed stunts including a 91-foot jump over some dunes. We suspected this was already causing drivetrain damage, but the Merc lived, and that only motivated the YouTuber to think of new ways to wreck it.

So he turned to the famous sinkhole on the farm that this channel started with. So it’s old-school content with the ultra-expensive rides he can now afford to buy. The G-Wagon gets dunked not once but twice into the deep mud and then pulled out by a tractor.

At first glance, it looks like the vehicle is holding up to the abuse, the mud and water aren’t coming into the cabin. But Cody reports the transmissions sometimes aren’t going into drive. And once the shenanigans are over, we see the engine bay is smoking. White, creamy stuff on the underside of the oil cap is never a good sign and indicates moisture has gotten into the powerful V8.

It’s quite impressive how the suspension of the G63 can stand abuse, but other versions of the G-Wagon would have been more resilient. You’d want an older, simpler engine, fitted with a snorkel. Also, the high-performance twin-turbo 4.0-liter has extra intercoolers located in semi-vulnerable spots.

The comments are really angry, calling him an entitled rich kid. But he’s obviously getting a good laugh, and the G63 is probably getting fully wrecked rather than getting fixed any time soon.



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