Classic Ford F100 Feels Like It’s 1954 Again, Minus the Engine

After decades of booming sales, we might tend to take the current three-number nomenclature of Ford F-Series trucks for granted, but we’ll remind you this sort of badging was introduced for the second iteration of the workhorses, offered in the U.S. between 1952 and 1956 (the original models came with single-number nameplates). Well, the example sitting before us might just make one believe it’s 1954 all over again, such is the quality of the restoration work it has received.

The Blue Oval machine received plenty of TLC back in 2018/2019, with the process claimed to have cost €49,000 ($56,634 at the current exchange rates). Meanwhile, the odometer has only gained some 900 miles (1,500 km) and, judging by how the vehicle appears in the YouTube clip below, the benefits of all that attention are fully present.

The vehicle is currently in The Netherlands, resting on the lot of ER Classics, which states that the said restoration “is of a very high standard”. The combo involving the blue-green hue that adorns most of the body and the chrome finish of the wheels instantly catch the eye, but we also have reasons to look beyond this.

Reaching the bed, we notice a wooden finish, while a metallic cargo box stands out. As for the cabin, this seems to be in top shape, featuring a dark upholstery, along with updated instruments and what appears to be well-integrated LED lighting.

The second-gen Ford F100 came with a plethora of V8s, but the engine animating this unit wasn’t among them—pop the hood and you’ll notice a 302ci (5.1L) Windsor motor, a unit Ford introduced for the 1956 model year, which was destined for the upper end of the range, Thunderbird included. In this particular iteration, the V8 churns out over 240 horsepower.

Of course, this sort of restoration also come in more flamboyant forms, especially on Ford’s home turf. So, here’s a 1955 F100 that comes with over 400 hp and a vibrant shade of orange to quench your thirst for this side of the craft.



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