2025 Ford Capri EV Coupe-SUV Details Leaked: Specs, Range, Power and Design

As we reported back in March, the iconic Ford Capri will return to showrooms all across Europe next year. The 2025 Capri EV has just been spotted for the first time while undergoing testing as a prototype, and we have all the important technical details as well as accurately updated renderings to previous its design.

The Capri is one of Ford’s most iconic nameplates. It was a popular classic sports car after its introduction in 1968. It was produced by the American automaker and was designed to be an affordable and stylish alternative to more expensive European sports cars. The fastback design of the Mark I echoed the Mustang, but it was paired with less powerful four-cylinder and V6 engines.

The 2025 Capri is also a fastback, but it has more in common with the Mustang Mach-E than the real Mustang muscle car. As a response to the huge demand for small electric crossovers, Ford plans to introduce 3 new models in Europe, the Capri, the new Explorer EV, and the electric version of the new Puma.

2025 Ford Capri specs, horsepower, and range

Just like the Explorer EV, the new Capri EV will be based on a German platform. Specifically, the Capri is built on top of the Volkswagen MEB platform, which means it’s very closely related to its direct rivals, the VW ID5, Skoda Enyaq Coupe, and the upcoming Cupra Tavascan.

Initially, the Explorer was scheduled to come out in autumn 2023, but it has been delayed until the summer of 2024. So the Capri will now be a 2025 model year. That means Ford has a little bit more time to implement the latest tech.

The 2025 Capri EV will be available with either a 55kWh or an 82kWh battery, just like the Volkswagen ID5. The base model is expected to start from £42,000 in the UK or €45,000 in Germany and will come with one motor at the rear and the smallest battery.

Rear-wheel-drive models with the larger battery will have 335 miles of claimed range, while the smaller-battery model should be able to manage around 220 miles on a charge.

In terms of power, we have confirmation for three motor configurations. The base model will have a single rear axle motor with 201 hp, followed by a single-motor 282 horsepower Capri with the big 82 kWh, this being the new powertrain developed and installed in the US-market ID Buzz.

Finally, we will have a performance crossover which will either be called the Capri S or ST. It will feature dual motors with 335 hp. Both the Explorer and Capri EVs will be the first electric vehicle built at Ford’s new Cologne EV facility in Germany, which formally made the Fiesta.

2025 Capri EV design

Although the platform is made by VW, the Capri EV will have that distinctive Ford touch. It’s being designed with four LED halos in its headlights, a retro touch meant to echo the Mark I Capri. It will be available in several metallic colors with wheel sizes of 19, 20, and 21 inches.

The design of the Capri EV is nearly finalized under the direction of lead designer Jordan Demkiw. The wheelbase for all MEB cars of this class is set, at 2,770 mm (109.1 in), but the design team still has room to play with the proportions and the shape of the roof.

Inside, the 2025 Capri will be available with a 14.6-inch portrait display running Ford’s Sync Move software, which can be tilted by up to 30 degrees. A smaller 5-inch display sits in front of the driver.



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