2021 Shelby Super Snake Sport Is a 2-Door Muscle Truck Drinking TRX Tears

At the end of 2020, Throttle House drove the Shelby Super Snake truck. And while they liked the overall experience, the truck fell short in the interior department. But now there’s an all-new 2021 Shelby Super Snake Sport and we thought we’d check one out in the wild, as it were, thanks to a video posted by the dealer Riddick Brown Ford.

Shelby actually has five different trucks on sale right now. There’s the F-250 Super Baja, the Shelby Raptor, the Shelby F-150 and two flavors of what you see here. The “Sport” part of the name indicates that this is a 2-door model, based on a Regular Cab with the shortest bed.

In addition, you can pick between a $106,130 package that gets you just 400 horsepower from a normal V8. But everybody likes the option of a supercharger paired to the 5.0 Coyote V8, which gets you 775 horsepower.

But first of all, I just love the way this looks. The Shelby Super Snake Sport is small and low, looking more like the original Ford Lightning than the Raptor everybody seems to love. Of course, I know there’s a vast community of drag races who love modified, small trucks. But the Shelby comes with something extra: exclusivity.

They’re supposed to make only a few hundred of these. They’re in the Shelby registry, just like the Mustangs, so when it comes time to sell 20 years from now, it might be worth a lot more than the $114,030 that you’re supposed to pay for it.

TRX vs this will be the truck race of the year

And the design is simply amazing. You can immediately tell that it’s based on a 2021 F-150 Lariat, based on the headlights. But the rest of the front end just looks so custom. Widebody fenders are added, as well as a custom hood with scoops big enough for a Dodge Demon. It’s got a sporty grille with a honeycomb design and a Shelby logo, plus the lower bumper is so sporty.

There’s no aluminum skid plate to go off-roading here. In fact, it’s low enough to make cubs and speed humps a potential problem. It’s as close to a Shelby GT500 as a truck can possibly get, black stripes included.

Shelby does a number of other things to increase your confidence, like fitting bigger brakes. Planting that 775 horsepower to the pavement is an all-new proprietary suspension system that lowers the truck. The system was developed with FOX and Ridetech and includes front and rear adjustable shocks, upper control arms, rear traction bars, and a rear sway arm. We’ll just leave you to sample the interior, spot the changes and Easter Eggs.



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