2026 Shelby GT500 Super Snake Concept Is Inspired by Eleanor from Gone in 60 Seconds

What if you could squeeze everything cool from the Shelby GT500, the Super Snake, Eleanor, and more into just one cool concept car, based on the all-new Mustang? What would that look like? The answer is this 2026 Shelby GT500 Super Snake, the 3D render masterfully created by Adry53 Customs after he re-watched Gone in 60 Seconds for inspiration.

The year is 2000. You’re binge-watching MTV and are getting hyped for the PlayStation 2 when a movie called Gone in 60 Seconds comes out. It features Nicolas Cage, that guy from Face/Off and Con Air, plus Angelina Jolie, the hottest woman in existence. But the real star is a Ford Mustang unlike any built before it, with a bulging hood and a dark metallic finish that plays with the light.

A star is born, going by the name of Eleanor. And she is so famous that copyright laws protect its very appearance, stopping people from making copies. But who’s to say you can’t take inspiration to deliver a modern take, 100% anchored in the world of car renderings? In fact, a car like this can only exist digitally.

2026 Shelby GT500, coming in 2025

The 2024 Mustang is coming out, and Ford has already begun development of its performance version, the Shelby GT500. Under its hood, the supercharged 5.2-liter V8 will probably pack more hp than any muscle car left standing.

The new GT500 is pretty much confirmed, both because of Ford’s teaser/spy photos and a report from Ford Authority, which claimed the fresh Shelby Mustang will debut in 2025 as a 2026 model year. When in production, we expect to see about 800 horsepower, powerful 16.5-inch brakes, extensive use of carbon fiber, and a Shelby-specific body kit with a revised interior as well.

Shelby Super Snakeā€¦ not the same thing

They both have Shelby in the name and the GT500 even has a serpent in its badge, but these two cars aren’t the same thing, at least not any longer. Shelby American takes a normal Mustang GT and poisons it with the venom of a large Whipple supercharger to make 800 horsepower and a lot of noise.

It says “SHELBY” on the brakes, and has cool racing stripes and an aggressive body kit, complete with a bulging hood and twin nostrils. Unlike the GT500, the Super Snake has a manual transmission. It really is the wild kind of car that tries to bite you when you’re not careful.

An Eleanor by any other name

The body is from Ford, and the hood is from Shelby, but there are a lot of details on this rendering that scream “Eleanor.” The car from Gone in 60 Second was supposed to be a 1967 Shelby Mustang GT500, but it had been heavily customized, and so too is this rendering.

Like Nick Cage’s favorite ride, we see a body kit with aggressive aero added on, including widebody fenders. It also has a side-exit exhaust system, with two tips on either side, which is admittedly different from Eleanor.

Several details need to be perfected if you want the full look, mainly the wheels and paint. Unless we’re mistaken, Eleanor is supposed to have 18-inch 407SP Shelby-licensed alloys with a tri-wing spinner in the middle. The ones on the 2026 concept got the look, but are a little bigger. As for the color, it’s got to be Pepper Grey.



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