1956 Ford F100 Restomod Is a Green Monster, Hides V8 Surprise

Vanguard Motors continues to bring some of the most expensive but clean-looking classic cars we’ve ever seen. Just check out this 1956 Ford F100 pickup that’s been fully restored and customized. It looks perfect, but is somebody willing to spend $149,900 for one of these?

For that kind of money, you can get a new Porsche 911 in great spec. And while that might be one of the most technologically advanced cars in the world, this brings timeless design to the table.

1950s trucks are epic, and the F100 is probably the best design of them all. We’re talking about the second generation of the F-Series, which has only been made from 1953 to 1956. Maybe that’s why all of them are so expensive!

1956 is maybe the most important model year. The F100’s cab underwent a big set of revisions. Compare this green machine to the yellow 1955 model we showed and you’ll easily spot the wrap-around windshield. They also gave it new doors, a revised dash, and the option of a panoramic rear window, which this one has. it makes driving so much more comfortable.

The right V8 upgrade for a Ford

Despite costing so much money, the F100 doesn’t come with a crazy engine swap. It’s just that a lot of nice (and expensive) parts have been used. The truck is packing a nice 302ci V8 engine that’s apparently been cast in 1968. It’s been upgraded with a serpentine belt setup, Holley 4160 4-barrel carb, and dual-plane aluminum intake from Summit Racing. A ’56 truck could have come with the “Mileage Maker” inline-6 or one of the Lincoln Y-block V8s, which obviously weren’t as powerful as a 302 from the Mustang glory days.

A modern 4-speed automatic is used, which in combination with independent front suspension ensures this is a comfortable truck to drive. Powered front disc brakes have also been fitted, though the rear sports leaf springs and drum brakes.

At least a quarter of the value must be down to how good this looks. Custom green paint with a hint of pearl has been applied to every nook and corner. Meanwhile, the 18-inch aluminum alloys at the back give this a clear custom appearance. We also like how they played with the grille a little bit but didn’t remove the door handles.



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