YouTube Artist Renders 2024 Ram Electric Pickup with 500-Mile Range Out of the TRX

The first pickup truck was built in the year 1925 and sold for just $281. Fast forward a full century later and we’re about to enter the next era, featuring fully electric powertrains. Henry Ford’s own company has presented the Lightning, which looks almost exactly like the normal F-150. But that may not be the case with their rivals at Ram.

Chevy has also presented the design of its all-new Silverado EV, as well as the spectacular GMC Hummer EV. Not to be outdone, Ram has presented a teaser photo that primarily shows a new headlight design.

Using said teaser, the YouTube car designer/artist TheSketchMonkey has done one of his usual rendering videos. Like a forensic expert, he pieces together the necessary information to create a believable RAM 1500 electric pickup, even though we have no idea if it’s accurate.

I feel like it’s probably not. The main thing you get out of the teaser are the LEDs, but they’re set further apart in the actual photo. Regardless, their general look is the same and it reminds me of that melee weapon from Halo. What was it called, the Energy Sword?

Mr. Sketch Monkey took several creative liberties, even starting with the popular performance version of the Ram 1500 pickup, the 700+ horsepower TRX. To this, he adds several new design elements including the grille which wraps around the headlights, and a subtle frame around the bumper.

But based on the teaser image, it’s possible that the Ram EV is a bespoke model, not a conversion of the regular gas-powered 1500. It has that cab-forward look, just like the Silverado EV. And we actually need to look at other products within the company for inspiration.

Ford and GM are well ahead of the company formally known as Chrysler when it comes to electrification, at least when it comes to American models. It’s likely the EV Ram will use the STLA Frame platform, which Stellantis plans to put to use for a number of other models, including the electric Jeep Wrangler.

The platform will have fast charging at up to 150 kW and the Ram promises up to 500 miles of range. By comparison, the F-150 Lightning has a maximum range of 300 miles and the GMC Hummer EV reaches up to 350 miles.



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