Widebody 2022 Jeep Grand Wagoneer Is Slammed on TE37 Wheels in Aftermarket Fic

The Jeep Wagoneer/Grand Wagoneer is privileged—unlike other famous badges that had been dormant for decades, these full-size SUVs have now returned for a fourth generation that respects the original available-with-a-V8 formula, rather than being shelved until Jeep’s lineup goes down the inevitable all-electric path and the revival loses some of its substance. And while Chevy decided it could afford to convert the Blazer from a body-on-frame SUV hero to a crossover, Jeep knew better, so the new Wagoneer is here in proper, terrain-taming form. Of course, this won’t stop the aftermarket from turning the 2022 model into an asphalt devourer, as is the case with the example rendered here.

Sure, the 2022 Grand Wagoneer shares its body-on-frame platform with Ram pickup trucks, but this particular unit also seems to borrow a page from another Stellantis brand, namely Dodge: the thing packs fender flares that turn it into a widebody contraption without too much fuss, even though it skips the rounded design displayed by the Challenger and Charger, adopting a more angular approach.

The said hardware means the luxury SUV can accommodate wider wheels and tires. And this isn’t just any kind of rolling hardware, since we’re talking about the TE37 wheels that Rays offers via its Volk Racing label—in case you’ve been living under a rock large enough to block the signal, these forged goodies are monstrously popular in the custom car community.

As you might have noticed, the 2022 Grand Wagoneer has also been slammed, but this shouldn’t necessarily mean its ground clearance is truly gone—the vehicle could always feature custom air suspension, seen here in its lowest setting.

Who is Musa Rio Tjahjono?

The enthusiast behind the digital build happens to know a thing or two about what makes the custom car realm go round, since we’re talking about Musa Rio Tjahjono (aka musartwork), head designer at West Coast Customs (you know, the shop featured in the mid-2000s reality show Pimp My Ride).

Now, before anybody drops some “Yo Dawg” lines, the kind show host Xzibit adored to deliver, we also need to discuss the color choices on this Jeep.

The pastel green approach gives us a bit of a retro trip, with the white finish of the wheels appearing fitting for such a setup.

Given the novelty of the 2022 Jeep Grand Wagoneer and the simple, yet effective makeover displayed here, we believe this digital proposal deserves a 9/10 as far as the RPM (real project in the making) Potential is concerned.



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