Toyota Supra Pickup Truck Is More BMW than Ever, Comes in CGI Long Wheelbase Form

It might not feel like it, but the Mk V Toyota Supra is now three years old. And while the Japanese sportscar has proved its mettle both in factory form and as an aftermarket darling, there’s still a part of the Internet that’s very much in love with reducing the RWD coupe to its Bavarian side. So, how about a pickup truck digital incarnation of the A90 Supra, which, in a way, would bring it closer to BMW than ever?

These days, Toyota’s smallest truck, the Tacoma, has grown quite a bit, so we can’t even talk about a similar length here (the OG Tacoma, which was introduced in 1995 and has had its fair share of 2JZs over the years, would change this comparo).

However, if we look over in BMW’s yard, this might not involve any production truck and yet the Germans have built not one, but two of their beloved M3s into trucklets over the years.

We’re referring to the 1986 BMW M3 Pickup and the 2011 M3 Pickup. The first, which started out in life as an E30 convertible, served various hauling duties until its official retirement in 2012. And the carmaker followed the same recipe for its E93 “successor”, albeit with this also receiving number plates.

Sadly, while the latter was introduced as an April Fools trick leading some to believe it would actually come to showrooms, none of the two made it past the prototype stage—you’ll find them in the video at the bottom of the story.

And there are many more creations of the sort that aren’t officially showcased. For instance, I’ve had the privilege to use the rearward-facing seat installed in the bed of an Mk III Focus ST that Ford Europe created as a photography car a few years ago.

The Toyota Supra pickup truck is more practical than it might appear

Moving on to this Mk V Supra UTE—this is how Aussies would label it—the machine is more suitable for hauling duties than it might seem. For one, it doesn’t just come with a bed, but also sports an elongated wheelbase, which would allow one to transport reasonably-sized objects.

The Supra ultility coupe is the work of pixel master Oscar Vargas (aka wb.artist20), who seems to be on a mission to truck the world of performance cars—in case you missed it, the digital wizard applied a similar treatment to a Fox Body Mustang, albeit with the Ford having a much firmer connection to the real world, as the Blue Oval had used the Fox platform to build the Durango trucklet back in the day.

As always, his attention to details is a treat—how many Supras with a tailgate have you seen?



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