Toyota Camry “Allroad” Is a Practical JDM Off-Road Wagon Rendering

Audi probably sells more SUVs than anything else, and the A6 Allroad isn’t really needed in the lineup. However, older Allroad wagons are collectible, and people often want that kind of car with Japanese reliability added on top. Enter the Toyota Camry “Allroad” Wagon rendering that depicts the mid-sized sedan as basically a crossover.

Some rendering artists have a certain niche they completely occupy, and Sugar Design has made himself comfortable in the land of wagons and hatchbacks. Most of his 3D work adds junk in the trunk of familiar models, even sports cars like the Toyota GR86 or the BMW Z4.

His little concept is actually called the Camry Wagon X-Track and comes with everything required of an Allroad. The body has been clad in extra black plastic protection, meant to protect the burnt orange paint from rock chips on trails.

The bumpers have also been modified with an aggressive look that’s slightly different from existing Camry trim levels. We feel like this is based on the Camry XSE trim level, which used to be the sportiest until they introduced a TRD model. Speaking of which, the concept has quad exhaust pipes, so it’s a bit like a TRD too, as well as an Audi S6.

Making a wagon out of the Camry and adding this body kit would be expensive, so this could be a $50,000 car in the real world. For that kind of money, I’d expect tinted windows and quad pipes as well!

Does the Camry Allroad Wagon exist?

Obviously, this is just a rendering from the man responsible for many of the “fake” wagons on Instagram. But you’d be surprised to learn there are real-world equivalents.

Obviously, we could talk about a Japanese off-road wagon that basically represents all of the wagon sales in America. The Subaru Outback is a success story with its own cult following, built on solid reliability and practicality. But it’s not a Toyota.

Japanese car history always works in our favor, though, as anything that used to be sold in Japan almost always comes with AWD. Just look up the 1999 Toyota Camry Gracia, which had a two-tone body like a Subaru Baja and offered AWD.

So is Toyota ever going to build something like this? No, never. Europe is the main market for wagons, and they only recently began buying Camry sedans again. But it’s all about premium feel and hybrid efficiency.

It’s too bad, because the Camry 4×4 resembles the Volkswagen Passat Alltrack. It would have been really interesting to see a drag race between a TRD-powered Toyota Camry wagon and a Passat with the twin-turbo 2.0 TDI.



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