Tesla Roadster-Based Digital Concept Taunts Hypercars with Aggressive Khyza Look

People are mad about the new Tesla Roadster. No, not mad about the repeated delays that have pushed the halo model’s release back to 2023, but simply in love with the promised performance model, with this arguably being the most anticipated EV of the moment. Of course, certain aspects of the 2017-released Roadster concept may change en route to production and digital artist Khyzyl Saleem (aka The Khyza) has a pixel theory on how the styling could evolve.

Perhaps designer Franz von Holzhausen, who styled every Tesla concept and production model to date (minus the original Lotus-based Roadster launched in 2008) aimed to give the said Roadster concept a minimalist appearance, albeit not to the same extent as in the case of the Cybertruck.

Or maybe he didn’t add all that many visual details in preparation for a slight redesign of the final model—we can’t be certain and yet one thing is clear: the independent rendering adorning our screens builds on those styling cues, resculpting the Roadster into an aggressive machine that’s ready to take on any competitor, be this combustion- or battery-powered.

In fact, we’ve also added the official images of the red 2017 Tesla Roadster concept to the gallery below, so you can easily compare the two.

Do I see a bit of this and that in the 3D Tesla design?

The appearance of this white 3D monster involves a plethora of styling nods, which the artist, who has gone from rendering NFS cars to designing real-world kits, mentions in the Instagram post below.

Based off the Tesla Roadster, this machine was concepted with the idea of Tesla entering that Supercar/Hypercar market, but also looking the part. […] Taking influence from modern day Hypercars from the [Porsche] Mission R, Czinger, Rimac, Polestar and [Lotus] Evija, trying to mesh it with what very little design language the Tesla Roadster had,

The pixel master explains we’re only looking at a partially polished release [insert in-the-Telsa-spirit jokes here], so we might see more of this silent predator in the future: “This is just a super early and kinda rough version/concept. I’d love go properly finesse it and make a super Hypercar version in the future, as I just ran out of time!

Said design connections aside, the widebody is masterfuly integrated into the look of the creation, while the various exposed surfaces and all the air channels add a layer of aero sophistication.

At least to these eyes, the two-tone approach and the dark finish of the vehicle’s upper section in particular manages to bring the vehicle closer to a production look.

Oh, and by the way, The Khyza is asking the Internet to come up with a name for the beast (I simply decided to call this the Tesla ReModel).

As for the RPM (real project in the making) Potential of the 3D work, one might think it’s absurd to discuss this with the delays of the very factory model, but we’d reply with a solid 8/10. You see, now that Koenigsegg is making aftermarket carbon fiber Tesla parts with American developer Unplugged Performance, we could expect this virtual concept to preview an extensive series of Tesla aero pieces, be they made of the wonder material or not, perhaps even under the artist’s Live to Offend label.



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