Hyundai Ioniq 5 Widebody Kit Adds Custom Charge Port Cover in Pink

Even with the EV market arguably losing some of its momentum, the increasing number of battery-powered vehicles on the road means there’s now a genuine demand for customization. With the aftermarket expanding into the electric segment, we can now feast our eyes on the first Hyundai Ioniq 5 widebody kit, which is dubbed the Coga Body Kit. And now that the calendar shows 2024, this is a natural part of the tuning scene.

While its Kia EV6 brother appeals to customers seeking the futuristic side of EVs, the Hyundai Ioniq 5 packs a retro design that disguises its compact crossover nature as a big hatchback.

And, if you ask tuning fans, the somewhat boxy styling of the South Korean model was begging for a widebody—digital artist Vishnu Suresh (aka Zephyr Designs) rendered it last year and now the aero has become a reality (more on the details of the kit below).

Plus, look at what Hyundai did with the 2025 Ioniq 5 N performance version, which is 20mm lover, 50mm wider, and 80mm longer. Then there’s the Ioniq 5 drift spec factory show car they released back in the summer of 2023 at Goodwood FOS, which means tuners simply had to join the effort.

Rounded design up front and angular styling cues at the rear

However, this widebody kit fits the standard Ioniq 5 that most people will go for. It all starts with a meaner front bumper dominated by a central air intake. Then we have the rounded-design front overfenders, which are split between the elements attached to the hood and those fitted to the fenders.

Going past the side skirts, with their front and rear plates, we find panels for the rear doors and rear overfenders. Then there’s the charging port cover, which naturally gets its dedicated custom panel to fit the overfender. Sure, such items adorn fuel filler caps on widebody ICE cars. But since this flap stays open for extended periods of time as the vehicle charges, the custom panel makes quite a statement.

The stock rear bumper has been fitted with a custom diffuser, as well as side plates. A double rear spoiler is the icing on the cake, bringing the Ioniq 5 widebody closer to the look of a rally car.

The Ioniq 5 with the Coga Body kit features a lowering suspension while riding on Rotiform wheels. And, given the striking contrast between the dominant pink paint and the carbon finish of certain body kit elements, this is one head-turner.

Widebody impacting an EV’s range

When installing a widebody on an EV, there are no aerodynamic differences compared to doing it on an ICE vehicle. However, the extra drag caused by many of these kits will obviously impact the driving range.

And while advances in battery technology mean some automakers are slowly starting to deviate from the streamlined EV design norm for the sake of personality, many owners have a daily driving cycle that doesn’t use all of the battery’s capacity.

So, even if the Ioniq 5’s range (240-315 miles, depending on the configuration) is below that of some competitors, adding a widebody may still work for you. Plus, Hyundai gave the Ioniq 5 an 800V architecture instead of the 400V one found on many EVs on this side of the market, which means shorter charging times.

The Hyundai Ioniq 5 Coga widebody for the is already available to order

Built by an Indonesian company named Platinum Auto Shop (PAW), the Coga Body Kit, which is already available to order, albeit with pricing yet to be announced, debuted at the 2023 Indonesia Modification Expo.

Alas, as the artist told me, the company that makes the Ioniq 5 widebody kit didn’t contact him. Having published many of 21YO Vishu’s captivating designs over the past few years, I believe his work belongs in the real world. And I’m confident we’ll see more of this soon, hopefully with the self-taught artist onboarded.

Returning to he event, which is as its sixth edition, this makes me think of SEMA. I’m mentioning it because the country’s rich aftermarket culture has previously made its way into the Las Vegas show via projects like the Karma widebody for the Porsche Cayman.



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