Tesla Model R Looks Like the Quickest Super Wagon With Roadster-Based CGI Design

Tesla’s and CEO Elon Musk’s usually high news presence has intensified significantly over the past week. This came thanks to Tesla’s AI Day (Optimus robot, plus updates on the Dojo supercomputer and FSD Beta) and Musk appearing prepared to end the Twitter saga by buying the social network. And since Tesla cars themselves were not exactly under the spotlights here, this brings us back to a question we asked when featuring a real-life Model S with a Lamborghini nose: what will Tesla’s future models look like? For now, we can answer that unofficially, thanks to the work of a talented, independent digital artist. Enter the Tesla Model R, an electric super wagon whose styling is based on the upcoming Tesla Roadster.

One may argue that a 3D rendering, even a spectacular one like the Model R, may or may not be close to a company’s operations or even its desires. Then again, with Tesla delaying the Roadster (2023), the Cybertruck (“hopefully next year”, says the CEO), and the Semi (also 2023), we currently have no chance of seeing what the company is planning for its future design language.

However, the Palo Alto company has been consistent in terms of styling. All its current production models (S, 3, X, and Y), as well as the future vehicles mentioned above, were penned under the guidance of a single master, American designer Franz von Holzhausen.

And, with the Cybertruck seeming to be more of a standout exercise than a “normal” member of the Tesla family and the Semi being, well, a semi, using the Roadster 2.0 as an indication of how the somewhat conservative Tesla styling will evolve seems only natural.

Imagine the Model R unleashing 1,020 hp

Digital artist Vishnu Suresh (aka zephyr_designz) went quite far from the Roadster in terms of the body style, though. Thus, as stated, the 19-year-old self-taught pixel specialist, whose 3D work is immensely popular on Instagram and beyond, has come up with a wagon dubbed Model R.

The name is self-explanatory, and with some Model S styling cues thrown in (think: greenhouse) to keep things as accurate as possible, this 3D work is mighty impressive.

Then there’s the hypothetical tower of power: the Model S would be a more likely platform for the wagon than the Roadster. And since the former already packs Plaid tri-motor 1,020 hp brilliance, the Tesla Model R would likely become the quickest production wagon in the world (think: acceleration rather than top speed).

Of course, with wagons now being an endangered species due to the perpetual rise of SUVs, we don’t see Tesla entering this segment anytime soon. However, if the Netherlands’ RemetzCar has already coach-built the Model S into a $200,000 wagon, perhaps some eccentric name out there is prepared to turn the Tesla Model R rendering into real-world SEMA material.



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