Street Hunter 2022 Subaru BRZ “Stock Body” Add-On Lip Kit Deletes License Plate, Brings Aggressive Aero

With widebodies pretty much being the norm these days, nobody can hold something against you for overlooking the fact that tuner-friendly cars like the 2022 Subaru BRZ and its Toyota GR86 counterpart also enjoy so-called stock-body kits. Case in point with Street Hunter package portrayed in these renderings, which is being introduced this month.

In case the Street Hunter name sounds familiar, it could be thanks to the first-ever 2023 Nissan Z widebody built by the label. Destined for Formula Drift USA champion Chris Forsberg, the aero pack is different to the upcoming street version, but it still made waves when showing up on the athlete’s R35-swapped Z drift car over one month ago.

The label, which seems to belong to Los Angeles-based developer Street Fighter LA, has taken to Instagram to announced that some of the aero bits you see here are debuting this April.

The complete 2022 BRZ add-on lip kit features a front lip, front fender garnish, side skirt extensions and caps, rear bumper caps, along with a rear lip spoiler. In addition, for the states where this legal, the kit can also come with a front license plate delete.

The design comes from Jon Sibal, an artist whose renderings have become SEMA reality on multiple occasions (in addition, we can see his livery work in Formula Drift 2022), mostly on Toyota beasts—you’ll also find the enthusiast’s post at the bottom of the story.

BRZ/GR86 Street Hunter Stock Body vs. Widebody

However, if we return to Street Hunter’s Insta post and swipe right until the end, we’ll notice a teaser, which could prepare us for a future release. The image shows a wrap-covered BRZ/GR86 that makes the stock body offering seem less aggressive than it is.

That’s because we’re clearly dealing with a widebody approach, while a competition-grade rear wing appears to adorn the posterior of the compact sportscar.

And while the pixel veil makes it difficult to tell, the front fender vents and the size of the wing remind us of the widebody GR86 rendering Sibal showcased back in January with an Initial D anime twist. And, tofu or no tofu, that kind of aero would be the kind that stops the show, so we’re as eager as you to see how this story develops.



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