2024 Subaru WRX Coming to Japan as the Levorg Crossover-SUV “Layback”

Towards the end of 2023, Subaru is planning to launch a model named the Layback which seemingly combines everything they currently sell. Japanese media is calling this the “Levorg Crossover” and it’s an SUV with body cladding, like a Crosstrek. At the same time, the overall body is from the Levorg, which is like a wagon version of the Impreza and is sold in Australia as the WRX Sportswagon. So is it a performance vehicle as well? Maybe.

The Japanese scoop website Best Car Web says the Levorg Crossover will be introduced later this year as the sixth SUV model sold in the country. Current reports indicate it will debut on October 25 at the Japan Mobility Show. The model doesn’t seem to have an official name yet, which is why they’re also calling this the “Levorg version of the Legacy Outback,” which confused the heck out of us.

We didn’t realize the Outback is considered a member of the Legacy family, although that’s fair. Breaking this down into segments is the easiest way to explain it. The Outback and Legacy are D-segment cars, so like the Audi Allroad and A6. The Levorg is the wagon version of the Impreza, so they’re like the VW Golf. This means Subaru is making a rival to the Golf Alltrack.

Except unlike the Alltrack, the Levorg Crossover will have completely bespoke exterior bodywork, not just some random body cladding. There’s a preview of this new model in the renderings which we are featuring here.

Is the Levorg a WRX?

As you can see, the wheel arch design is quite similar to the WRX sports sedan. The front end features a rugged grille and large surfaces covered in black cladding. Extra fog lights give this model a rugged look. Around the back, the similarities between the Levorg Crossover and the WRX continue, as this vehicle is supposed to have dual exhaust mufflers and a rugged diffuser.

The roofline of the vehicle is somewhat sloped and sporty, but black roof rails are added. The vehicle will have about 200mm of ground clearance, which is good for a wagon and average in the crossover segment.

The confirmed engine is a 1.8-liter turbocharged flat-four, the CB18, which makes 174 hp (177 PS). However, Subaru won’t resist the urge to offer a high-performance version outside of Japan, since the 2.4-liter turbo already powers the WRX Sportswagon. We think enthusiast drivers in the U.S. would love a WRX wagon as long as it starts from under $35,000.

Most importantly, the Legorg Crossover will solve Crosstrek’s biggest problem: luggage space. Our source suggests it will have 492 liters of cargo space, which places this between the Forester and Outback in terms of practicality, but about 50% higher than the Crosstrek.



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