Jacked-Up Subaru WRX VB With Eibach Pro Lift Springs Grew Into Those Wheel Arches

Now that we’re in the second generation of special Subaru sedans introduced as separate offerings rather than Impreza models, the carmaker no longer builds an STI, while the VB-gen WRX comes with dark-colored, vented plastic body cladding. And while both decisions have split more than a few opinions, the aftermarket is ready to remedy the situation.

Enter Eibach’s Pro Lift Kit for the VB WRX. We’re looking at lift springs that add a noticeable amount of ground clearance to the 2021+ WRX (that’s the production year, corresponding to 2022+ MY) , which seems to work great with the plastic cladding around the wheel wells, the ones so many people seem to hate.

Now, we’ve already discussed “protest” builds like this 2022 WRX. Its owner color-coded the said cladding, threw on an ex-gen STI wing and then some. And, frankly, I’m all for rides that can show Subaru how great it would’ve been to still have the rally-bred legend that was the STI.

As for painting the dark grey cladding, people can do whatever they like with their cars, I don’t have to agree. Of course, this also goes the other way around, so I’ll drop my take below. I can hardly see why one would complain about those protective elements when they:

a)Suit the rallying DNA of the WRX (World Rally Experimental)
b)Prevent the not-infrequent rock chips that can easily cause rust in those area
c)Set the WRX apart in a world of bland sedans

Regardless, as mentioned above, the lift springs, which Eibach is currently testing and should release in early 2023, seem to bring some much-needed peace to the WRX. They also bring the performance sedan in line with the Subaru Crosstrek (XV), essentially an Impreza hatchback that rides high(er) in factory trim.

Heck, if you’re really brave, perhaps you can throw these on and chase a Lamborghini Huracan Sterrato or a Porsche 911 Dakar miles away from the blacktop…

The specs and pricing for the Eibach VB Subaru WRX lift and lowering springs

We’ll have the final numbers in a few months’ time. However, based on the two VB WRX lowering springs the specialist is also testing these days (we’ll get back to this), the Subaru should get lifted by at least 1 inch.

And, in case you’re wondering how the car looks when you put that extra ride height to work, you can enjoy some pics of the WRX wearing the prototype lift springs while playing in the mud. The images come courtesy of the owner, who is known as TRBOO (aka trboo_brandon) on Instagram. The man’s 2022 WRX also packs Method Race 502 wheels wrapped in Bridgestone Blizzak winter tires coming in a 225/15 R17 size.

The shock absorbers are still the factory units, with the same being true for the white car, which the enthusiast reportedly also owns. Speaking of which, the white Subaru showcases Eibach’s VB WRX lowering kits: there’s the Pro, which brings the car closer to the road by 1 inch and the 1.3-inch drop of the Sportline. However, the aftermarket developer notes that these values may change as the springs reach production.

As far as pricing is concerned, we’ll use Eibach’s Pro lowering kit for the ex-gen VA WRX (2021MY) as a (perhaps vague refference point): this was offered for $325 at the time of this writing.

Note that you’ll find the Pro lowering kit in the side photo placing the white car on top, while all the other pics showcase the Spotline lowering springs. So, please, pick your poison, you hooning addicts!



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