Stanced 2023 Nissan 400Z Widebody Looks Like a JDM Lighting McQueen in Tuner CGI

With less than a month to go until the 2022 edition of the SEMA show, we’re wondering how many 2023 Nissan Z (aka 400Z) builds will greet us in Las Vegas. The Japanese sports car will undoubtedly be a star, so our question is related to the number of units delivered to date and the what tuners have managed to do in the few months of market presence. In the meantime, the digital art realm has no such worries, as demonstrated by this stanced, widebody 2023 Nissan 400Z.

Out there in the real world, we’ve already seen YouTube TJ Hunt working on the StreetHunter widebody and non-widebody kits for the 2023 Z. The former is being installed on the enthusiast’s 2023 Z Proto Spec and, of course, air suspension and custom wheels are mandatory.

And while TJ’s build was only partially showcased, this rendering allows us to get a more complete taste of what a SEMA-bound Z should look like.

That NASCAR look

Pixel-painted by the artist known as AB MotorHouse(, this widebody adds quite a lot of real estate to the clean factory lines of the Nissan. And it’s not just the new-vawe Coke bottle styling, but also details such as the myriad of vents and intakes adorning the hood, front apron, side skirts and overfenders. Oh, and let’s not overlook the vertically stacked quadruple exhaust tips.

And while we’ve visited an earlier stage of the 3D project back in June, the livery that now adorns the creation emphasizes an aura we missed in the summer—as somebody in the comments section of the Instagram post below pointed out, the 400Z looks a bit like a JDM Lighting McQueen.

That’s mostly owed to the aero adorning the posterior, while the muscular overfenders also help—unlike its archnemesis, the Toyota Supra, the 2023 Nissan Z doesn’t compete in NASCAR, the main inspiration for the Cars movie character’s Piston Cup shenanigans. However, Nissan will give us the full release of the Z GT4 race car at SEMA.

Besides, as we explained when covering this real-life McQueen-impersonating Mazda RX-7, a badass drift car, the animation hero car mixes elements from multiple real-world vehicles.

Returning to the aftermarket industry’s 400Z efforts, we’ll remind you that AMS Performance has already pushed the twin-turbo 3.0L V6 engine of the Nissan close to 600 hp at the crank, while shaving almost a second off its factory quarter-mile time. And they don’t intend to stop there.



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