R34 Nissan GT-R Racezilla Looks Like an F1 Car in Radical Rendering

When having to choose a culprit for the dilution of contemporary cars, digitalization usually grabs the top spot. And yet the digital era has its ways of giving something back to the analog heroes people bought back in the 1990s. It’s all about the work of rendering artists, as is the case with this R34 Nissan GT-R that’s been taken down the Formula One route.

In the contemporary era, Nissan has moved away from F1, with its Infinity luxury brand having announced its Great Circus departure last December after a ten-year adventure—the carmaker’s Nismo racing arm is a Formula E contender, though.

And while there are many ways of mixing road cars and motorsport, we need to remember that the analog experience, with its direct connection between man and machine, is the theme here. And since the ex-generation Nissan GT-R has received tons and tons of custom incarnations in the two decades since it was born, a duo of pixel masters has come up with what should be the ultimate R34, namely one that’s half-morphed into an F1 racer.

This work is unmistakably Gozilla, while the top-tier motorsport aerodynamic builds around the factory body of the vehicle in a way that makes one imagine this thing passing everything on the track in its mission to impress the stopwatch.

The F1 nose, the super-sized side aero, the monstrous rear wing, and the deliciously exposed rear end all point towards extreme dynamic abilities.

As for the motivation, the traditional F1 air scoop sitting above the cockpit, together with the taillight-piercing exhaust tips imply a midship configuration, but what’s with the hood cutout?

There seems to be a second power source here, whether this is another gasoline sipper or an electric motor. Exploring the latter avenue, which would make this a double hybrid (GT-R + F1 and gas + electric), the electron juice assistance wouldn’t necessarily have to get in the way of the said analog mantra, as it’s all a matter of calibration in the end.

Now, Portuguese artist Pedro Guerreiro (aka typerulez) was the one that came up with the 3D model of the beast. As for rendering the thing, credit goes to German master Andreas Richter (aka ar.visual_).

And whether you prefer the naked carbon body of the Racezilla—the nickname is on us—or would rather have a livery, these enthusiasts have something for you.



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