Nissan 400Z “Nurburgring Nemesis” by Avante Design Has a Big Wang

SEMA 2021 was amazing, but it didn’t feel like it had a clear focus. Sure, Ford’s new F-150, Raptor and Maverick all had their chance under the spotlight. But we can’t wait for next year’s sportscar focus group, when everybody will decide what’s the best way to modify the Nissan 400Z.

Yeah, we know, it’s simply supposed to be called the Nissan Z. But Toyota seems to have relented and called its sports coupe the “GR86” to please the web, and 400Z just has a nicer ring to it. The number instantly tells 370Z owners it’s time to upgrade while Supra owners have something to fear, something to remind them that the wrong engine resides under their hood.

A lot can be done with the VR30DD, we’re sure. But a complete body makeover is also in order. After all, the 350Z and 370Z have been a key part of the tuning and drifting scenes for the best part of two decades. Not letting that heritage go to waste, the digital artist crammed the retro body of the Z full of aggressive aero elements.

These aren’t random. At the front, a deep chin spoiler and vertical wings push the nose down. Side skirts have been added, taking advantage of the extra girth of the widebody kit. Meanwhile, the rear end sports a gigantic “wang”. Why? Because everybody apparently loves a big wang.

The reason for all these mods is to go fast around a track. The Nurburgring logos on the sides remind us of Nissan’s most famous record-setting Godzilla track specials. These include versions of the R35 GT-R Nismo or the legendary R34-generation Nissan Skyline GT-R V-Spec II Nur, which is worth supercar money.

But the custom front end is what really makes this a special “400Z,” one of the best renderings yet. The artist was apparently inspired by the pop-out headlights on the classic 300ZX and created these sleek LED units. They’re not as retro or “70s” but we love a good face swap here.



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