Nissan 400Z “JDM Slantnose” CGI Mixes Porsche 935 Design With New Z Widebody

The all-new Nissan sports car is here, and while we’re debating whether to call it the New Z or the 400Z, tuners are already thinking about potential upgrades. One of the most interesting things we want to see happen with the 2023 model is a “Slantnose” conversion, like the one featured on the classic Porsche 935.

A Nissan Z made to look like an old Porsche sounds completely insane. However, one of the biggest names in the JDM 3D modeling community has given us a preview of what that could look like. Enter the Nissan 400Z Slantnose by Flathat3D.

The makeover completely changes the design of the 2023 Nissan Z. It’s impossible to ignore the changes to its nose, where a streamlined bumper tries to connect to both the modified hood and the widebody fenders. Are you a drift car or a 24H Le Mans racer? Make up your mind, little Z!

The new design is as beautiful as it is uncanny. There’s probably a good reason why headlights can’t be installed that low. But maybe you can get away with this in some states or at the track.

Those vents and the way the black chin spoiler wraps up is reminiscent of the modern-day 911 GT3 RS. Of course, this is also a widebody rendering for the 400Z, not just a Slantnose one. We’ve got simple side skirts and flair designs, plus a massive rear wing. However, these upgrades have been previewed by Flathat3D’s Nismo digital conversion.

The rear view really sells this Slantnose as a JDM race car. You’ve not only got a wing that would put the GT2 RS to shame, but also aero louvers for the window and a large diffuser element. That’s a real diffuser that goes all the way to the ground, not the cosmetic crap you see on so many production cars.

The JDM Slantnose exists

To prove that this Slantnose 400Z should really be built, we’ve got a couple of other examples which belong to the real world. The most obvious one has based on the grandfather of this model, the 350Z.

Back in 2020, the 350Z Slantnose, or the 935Z as it’s nicknamed, burst onto the scene. It looked immaculately designed and executed, despite the rudimentary methods used in its fabrication. Japanese enthusiast @catacy_935Z owns the vehicle, while a builder named Ashiru Ito modeled the front end out of expanding insulation foam before creating fiberglass parts for it.

There’s also a Old & New Slantnose Porsche 997 in Japan that has an RWB-style widebody kit. And let’s not forget that anything can be done to a Miata‚Ķ as long as you can find the Jetstream NA22C kit.

And while we’re on the subject of noses, don’t forget Khyza’s G-Nose rendering for the 400Z, done as part of Hagerty’s popular YouTube series.



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