Next-Gen 2024 BMW X2 (U10) Adopts Baby XM Look in YouTube Artist Rendering

BMW’s entry-level crossovers, the X1, and its X2 coupe sibling are a commercial success, which is why the Bavarians released the third generation of the X1 back in June this year. Of course, the next-generation X2, codenamed U10, will follow suit, with this expected to launch next year, as a 2024 model in North America. And we’ve brought along a virtual taste of the second-generation X2 in a rendering coming from an independent artist.

Nowadays, BMW arguably has the most unpredictable design of all the major brands (have you seen the 2023 M2 coupe?). So could one really point their finger at this digital U10 X2 and state that it doesn’t follow the same styling approach as the new, third-generation X1 (U11)?

The pixel master known as Theottle certainly thinks we shouldn’t take the look of future Bimmers for granted. And that’s why his latest 2D work portrays the 2024 X2 as a smaller version of the XM, the recent hybrid super-SUV developed from the ground up by BMW’s Motorsport arm (the first vehicle of the sort since the mid-engined M1 of the late 1970s/early 1980s).

Not quite as wild as the XM, but still outlandish enough to stand out in any scenario and split opinions by nature. That’s how one could describe the proposed look of the U10 X2. However, the size and proportions are on point and that’s because the current X2 was used as the starting point for the pixel work.

The tech side of the 2024 BMW X2

The rumors about the arrival of the second-generation X2 talk about BMW set to commence production of the compact crossover coupe in November 2023, hence the 2024MY label.

As it has been the case with the outgoing vehicle, the newcomer will share its front-wheel-drive-based architecture with a host of compact BMW models.

Unlike Mercedes-Benz, which builds separate EV and ICE (internal combustion engine) models with dedicated platforms, BMW prefers a common architecture with many shared design traits. As such, the 2024 X2 will ride on the FAAR scalable platform.

We can expect the U10 X2 to borrow the full engine list of the 2023 X1, which means the ICE part of the range will once again be topped by the X2 M35i, whose 2.0L turbo-four should deliver 300 hp or more. Of course, this will fall in the xDrive (AWD) part of the range.

As for the said electrification, the iX1 we’ve already met should spawn an iX2, with BMW presumingly maintaining the two power levels, namely the single-motor eDrive20 (FWD) and the dual-motor xDrive30 (AWD).

However, since the iX1 isn’t offered in the U.S., you can most likely expect the iX2 to skip the North American market as well. Still, this should become BMW’s first all-electric crossover coupe, so at least it will pave the way for future EVs of the sort.



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