New Ford Bronco Gets Monster Jam CGI Makeover, Looks Like a Show-Stopper

Like most famous new vehicles, the Ford Bronco is subjected to the “what can you do to it?” question. Adding bigger wheels is a very common answer. And while 40-inch tires already look unnaturally large, a Monster Jam Bronco somehow seems like a natural evolution.

Most motorsport types still have a “win on Sunday, sell on Monday” part to them. That’s why the Bronco tried its hand at Baja racing. But even though it’s one of the biggest events in America, with fan-packed arenas, Monster Jam doesn’t really work like that.

Like the toys which they inspire, Monster Jam vehicles have their own identities. Sometimes you can find the outline of a Ford or Dodge truck in there. But monster trucks have identities, some of which have been around for many years, like Grave Digger. The shark-shaped Megalodon, Dragonoid or El Toro Loco mimic animals instead of actual vehicles.

Adry53’s Bronco Monster Truck

Rendering artist Adry53 is a self-proclaimed fan of the spectacle that is Monster Jam. And while he’s excited about World Finals XXI, the 3D creator couldn’t help but notice the F-150 and Cadillac Escalade bodies performing in the arena were outdated.

And so, he made his own out of the most important Ford 4×4 right now, the bronco. His Monster Jam Bronco is built up to current monster truck standards, featuring all the suspension bells and whistles on a tube chassis.

The Bronco part is only a piece of flimsy fiberglass that can easily get damaged during stunts. And it barely looks like a Bronco in some areas. The bed, for example, is quite long for a 2-door and better resembles the old Broncos of the 80s.

Speaking of which, the Bronco has historically had a strong representation in the monster truck world, dating all the way back to the OG. In 1982, Bob Chandler came out with his heavily modified 1974 Ford F-250 called Bigfoot. It rode on 48-inch wheels, which don’t seem that large today, especially when you can put 40-inch wheels on a real 2022 Bronco.

Monster Jam Tech

Over the past 4 years, trucks have been doing insane stunts that seemed impossible in the early days of Monster Jam. Driver skill plays the biggest part, but we can’t overlook the technology which makes it possible.

Monster trucks started off as conversions of real vehicles with bigger engines and modified suspension. However, nowadays, 12,000 lbs of metal can be sent flying through the air thanks to full-custom suspension and engines.

Vehicles now have four external-reservoir shocks per wheel. They can take a beating and have insane travel. But the tires also play a big part in coaching those big jumps.



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