New BMW Z4M Coupe Is a German Toyota Supra GRMN Evil Twin in Artist Rendering

Online, everybody and their car ride-loving dog talk about how great sports cars are. But the number of those who actually buy these machines is worryingly small. In fact, that’s the reason BMW and Toyota teamed up for the current G29 Z4 roadster and A90 Supra coupe in the first place. However, in an alternate universe, the Bavarians could forget all about the limited sales their two-seater is generating and build a Z4 M Coupe version like the one rendered here.

For one, the fixed roof and the all-out M version are in the DNA of the German sports car. Nevertheless, the last time the Bavarians built a coupe or an M version of the Z4, the model was in its first generation, with the 2003-2008 machine inheriting the two assets from its Z3 predecessor (1995-2002). Admittedly, the OG BMW Z3 M Coupe, with its “Clown Shoe” nickname, was an opinion splitter, but it still makes for one of the most memorable machines the 90s gave to the world.

The shooting brake Z4 M has hips for days

And all that heritage inspired the digital artist known as Sugarchow (aka sugardesign_1) to gift the current Z4 with a coupe form and the S58 twin-turbo 3.0-liter from the M3/M4 (this is what happens when an M3 and the i4 M50 EV are throw at each other).

The pixel master is so deeply in love with pushing the said nostalgia buttons that he’s rendered the vehicle multiple times (with minor changes like the colors). However, it’s difficult to hold anything against the enthusiast when the result looks like something that could easily grab many aficionados’ attention in a BMW showroom.

In fact, some might even regard this fictional coupe as the choice of the Z4 range—you see, the actual Z4 roadster isn’t as arresting as the Supra, even with all the faux vents and the busy design of the Japanese model. However, with the shooting brake silhouette emphasizing the hips of the Bimmer, this new form easily captivates one.

If this kind of BMW is your dream, the upcoming M2 may have something for you

Back to the real world, BMW’s partnership with Toyota means the Germans couldn’t produce a coupe even if they wanted to (more on this below). After all, the two sports cars share their platform and powertrains, as well as many interior bits, and are produced by Magna Steyr in Austria.

What about an M iteration of the Z4, then? We’ll have to analyze the rumors for this one. And, despite the Mk V Supra being expected to receive a hotter GRMN version powered by the said M3/M4 motor (think: over 500 hp), BMW may not follow suit. For one, rumors are mentioning an early 2025 demise for the Z4—production started in 2018—with this being reportedly dictated by the disappointing sales of the roadster.

Back in the day, the Z3 M Coupe—and the Z4 M Coupe to a certain extent—could be described as the hot rod of the Bavarian carmaker’s range, packing a potent motor in rather compact and lightweight body. Fortunately, the carmaker hasn’t given up on the recipe in the midst of the SUV craze and the race to electrification. However, the answer comes from a different part of the lineup and we’ll get more of it in October this year when the 2023 BMW M2 (here’s the old M2 drag racing the current M240i) makes its debut.



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