Maybach-AMG S900 Rendering Is a Widebody S-Class Luxury Hammer On 24-Inch Wheels

Being the luxury powerhouse that it is, Mercedes seems to develop every car on an almost unlimited budget. As a result, they’re fast, luxurious and extremely technologically advanced. But there’s nothing quite like the Maybach-AMG S900 in the real world, part limo, part AMG Hammer, and unfortunately just a digital dream.

There are many ways in which AMG and Maybach models are intertwined. They often use similar platforms, like in the case of the GLS and S-Class. The 4.0-liter twin-turbo motor also needs to play multiple roles. 

However, the Maybach-AMG basically pushes both luxury and performance to the extreme, which is what you’d probably need to truly compete with the best Bentley W12 models. As a result, the S900 is way more impressive and visually interesting than anything currently sold by Mercedes.

Designer Emre Husmen created this unique sports limo out of the body of the Z223 Mercedes-Maybach S-Class. This has an 7 inches (18 cm) longer wheelbase than the V223, itself already 4.3 inches (11 cm) longer than the standard-wheelbase W223 S-Class.

To make this elongated silhouette appear more natural, Emre designed a whole new body kit, which would transform the Maybach into a Rolls-Royce-like king of the road. I think the overall design is inspired by the classic AMG Hammer.

Delicious fender flares have to be added to this sober German design. At the front, that job is pretty easy, but the rear needs the widebody kit to cover parts of the long doors. And when you look at that feature, you know this isn’t like a normal Mercedes.

The artist also redesigned the front bumper. At the bottom, gigantic intakes occupy most of the available space, while the grille has been given a cascade effect that looks more expensive than anything Maybach offers. Both Maybach and AMG logos appear, letting you know this is a collaboration.

Back to the golden age of Mercedes

The rear view is also quite interesting. Because of the widebody, this S-Class has much wider hips which end in vent openings. A large diffuser grabs your attention, as do the advanced integrated exhaust tips. It looks expensive, like one of those modified Novitec-tuned Rolls-Royce models.

To finish it all off, we have 24-inch versions of the aero wheel design which Maybach models already sport. They remind me of the class BBS 5-spoke design and the W140 Mercedes S600.

What would power Maybach-AMG S900. Well, in an imaginary world, it would obviously have to be the most advanced V12 engine Mercedes could produce, a 900 horsepower monster with four turbos and a hypercar-like sound.

However, that probably can’t happen in the real world. Because the rendering is named a little bit like a Brabus, I think the solution would be one of their modified V8s, with modified internals, carbon intakes, and gold heat wrapping just to flex on people with normal AMG engines.



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