Apple Car Minivan Concept Looks Futuristic in Toronto, Real One Coming in 2026

Apple gave us the iMac, the iPod, and the iPhone, each a revolutionary piece of modern technology. However, people are skeptical that the same can be done with the “iCar” automobile. Even though the project has been struck with delays and setbacks, a recent report still claims the Apple Car is coming, as early as 2026 with a price tag of under $100,000.

That’s quite a financial leap, from selling $1,000 phones to cars that cost a hundred times more. But the real problem is potential customers don’t know what the Apple Car looks like, so they can’t get excited about anything. Because such an important project will remain a closely guarded secret, unofficial renderings have stepped in to fin the void, and we thought this one was not only realistic-looking but also relevant.

Digital artist Emre Husmen is perhaps known for one of the most famous Tesla truck renderings on the internet. It pre-dated the real Cybertruck and looked nothing like Elon’s angular wedge of metal. Emre now turned his attention to the Apple Car.

In the artist’s words, the Apple iV concept that he created is a 1+2+2 personal living space on wheels. No, not a bedroom for when Twitter makes you do overtime and you’ve got nowhere else to sleep, but a kind of relaxing lounge for several people to commute in.

We know from the latest Bloomberg report that the Apple car will still have a steering wheel, pedals, and steering wheels. This is a step back from the original plan to make it fully autonomous and void of controls. But the car will have a self-driving mode on highways when it hits the market in 2026.

Regarding the minivan design, it’s quite appropriate for this type of vehicle. Apple initially wanted the car to look somewhat similar to the Canoo Lifestyle Vehicle, basically a pod-shaped one with maximum interior space. There’s also rival Google’s Waymo, which tested its own autonomous vehicle in the form of a Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid minivan. And if you think about it, the Tesla Model X is more a minivan than SUV: strange doors for access in parking lots and seating for seven.

And to really sell how the Apple minivan might look in the real world, the artist slapped on some amazing features like 26-inch wheels and a full camouflage coat, sending it to the real world: Toronto, Canada. Check it out!



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