Liberty Walk 2024 Ford Mustang Brings Widebody S650 Digital Bliss

The 2024 Ford Mustang is a car that speaks to everybody, which is only natural: not only did the 1964 launch of the pony make this a trendsetter (not the only one, though), but this is the only muscle car that’s never left the market since. And, given the worldwide audience of the S650 Mustang, we’re expecting nothing less from Japanese tuner Liberty Walk than a widebody 2024 Mustang release. Heck, rendering artists are already paving the way for a Liberty Walk S650 Mustang, as demonstrated by the digital work sitting before us.

Liberty Walk is constantly expanding its horizon, which is why the Japanese aftermarket specialist’s wild-side efforts range from this slammed eight-wheeler widebody commercial truck to the Lamborghini Urus widebody the company is preparing for this November’s SEMA show. However, with Ford turning the Mustang into a global offering back in 2014 when the outgoing S550 generation was introduced, Liberty Walk’s offer does include the outgoing sixth-generation pony.

In fact, when creating this 3D work that portrays the expected Liberty Walk 2024 Mustang, the digital artist known as Innov8 Design Lab (@innov8designlab) borrowed the styling cues of the Japanese developer’s said kit.

And the approach showcased in this rendering seems only fitting. After all, we have no reason to expect that Liberty Walk would wish to skip the S650 Mustang, nor have seen clues towards a dramatic styling shift for the probable Japanese widebody release—keep in mind that the Mustang itself uses an evolutionary approach for the generation change.

The full array of S550 Liberty Walk aero pieces is present in this S650 digital portrait

For the record, the S550 Liberty Walk kit spreads way beyond those meaty overfenders. As such, the Ford is gifted with a front lip and side canards, a rear diffuser, and a ducktail spoiler, all of which are present in this independent S650 rendering. The price of the complete kit? That would be $6,800, even though you can also grab the items separately.

In addition, the said artist filled those meaty fenders with multi-spoke wheels coming from BC Forged North America. And, in case you’re wondering about the colored calipers, you should know Ford has worked together with Brembo to make this a factory option on the 2024 Mustang.

The model used for this Liberty Walk widebody CGI is a 2024 Mustang GT, which means the firepower comes from the Gen IV Coyote—Ford hasn’t released the final specs for the updated 5.0L V8 yet, but with the outgoing model making 450 hp and the 2024 Mustang Dark Horse, the initial range-topper, churning out 500 hp, the S650 GT will obviously sit somewhere in between the two.

Speaking of which, the tech side of the S650 Mustang will be a more complicated affair as far as mods go. Given that Ford chose to introduce a locked ECU for the fourth-generation Coyote, only approved tuners can get access to the platform, albeit with this ensuring owners get to enjoy a quality-checked approach.



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