Lexus-Mixed Toyota GR Yaris Gains V8 Power for Ultimate Digital Glory

The GR badge stands for Gazoo Racing, the Toyota arm that handles race cars and makes street vehicles quicker. However, on this occasion, the two letters probably represent GREED and we’re saying that with a massive smile on our faces, since we’re here to zoom in on a Lexus incarnation of the Toyota GR Yaris pocket rocket.

This pixel portrait, which is delivered by digital artist Theottle, sees the hot subcompact receiving a Lexus styling infusion, which is present at both ends of the vehicle. And, before we move forward, we have to mention there’s been no word on such an effort from Lexus.

And while the lavish automaker’s spindle grille means the front end transformation is more dramatic than that of the posterior, we prefer to focus on the latter, thanks to those quadruple exhaust pipes (more on this below).

The GR Yaris we enjoy in the real world is already powered by a 1.6L turbo-three that sends its massive 257 hp to the road via an AWD system and a six-speed manual. Given this meaty setup, one would be tempted to believe there’s no need for extra badassery.

After all, those seeking even more thrills with a warranty can choose the admittedly JDM-only GRMN Yaris limited edition. This brings a power boost, more aggressive gearing and a mechanical LSD, less weight, along with an upgraded suspension and brakes, albeit with the exact hardware depending on one of the three grades: the base, the Circuit or the Rally.

Speaking of which, since the GR Yaris is basically the road iteration of a rally car, the powertrain can take quite a bit of abuse, which is why tuners have already pushed the stock motor past the 500 horsepower mark. In the process, the 3995mm-long (157.3 inches) hatchback has gone from a quarter-mile time of 12.7s to a high-10s stunt.

Besides, Japanese drifter Daigo Saito is already working on the highly anticipated 2JZ conversion and we’re sure this won’t be the only GR Yaris stuffed with a turbocharged straight-six.

Nevertheless, a Lexus version of the Toyota GR Yaris would make for a brilliant proposal, albeit on one condition: a good ole N/A V8, as suggested by that exhaust setup of the rendering. Alas, there’s been no word of such an effort from Lexus. However, while we’re on this topic, we’ll remind you that Toyota’s U.S. website still appears to be collecting expressions of interest for importing the GR Yaris and, perhaps if there will be enough of them, the carmaker can change its mind on including the hot hatch in its American lineup, but we digress.

Bring on the Lexus V8!

Simply adding luxury features and bumping the price might risk turning this proposal into a disappointment like the time when the even smaller Toyota iQ was rebranded as the Aston Martin Cygnet. After all, the price of the GR Yaris is already pretty hefty. The “regular” car starts at about €33,000 or $42,000, while the said specials can climb past €64,000 or $70,000.

However, the machine could take a page from the Cygnet book, since Aston Martin built a model with a V8 as a one-off. And Lexus just happens to be one of the carmakers who still have such an engine in their offer in these electrified, downsized times—that would be the 5.0L V8 of the 2022 Lexus IS 500 F Sport Performance.

Sure, the 472 hp of the big motor is less impressive than the aftermarket output value mentioned above, while such a transplant would also make the car GR Yaris less friendly to the scales. But you wouldn’t be able to beat the exotic driving experience of a V8-infused Yaris.



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