“Hoonicorn Eater” Is a 1969 Camaro Widebody Nemesis Thanks to Kyza Rendering

This is big, folks. While the web is inundated with renderings already, this one is going to leave a mark. Hagerty has seen the value of rendered content and has just asked The Kyza himself to something special. Theme? Hoonicorn Mustang, only it’s got to be a Camaro.

It’s not a completely crazy idea. For SEMA 2021, Hoonigan had a 1,000 horsepower IROC with a crazy 632 engine. And before that, they swapped a diesel into the old Camaro and gave it 1,500 lb-ft of torque. So the GM love is clearly there, boiling under the suffering.

Of course, before it could blow the top on the pressure cooker, Hoonigan switched sides, becoming Audi fanatics. But people naturally wonder what a Camaro sister car to the Hoonicorn would look like. After all, drifting is at its best as a tandem dancing sport, and you can’t do that without a nice rivalry.

For those of you who don’t remember, the Hoonicarn is a 1965 Mustang coupe that boasts AWD, a custom suspension setup, and unique widebody design with Monster Energy livery. But we feel like Kyza’s rendering better resembles the early version from a few years back, before the paint and with the 854 horsepower V8.

We say this because the hood scoop is not compatible with the current RTR twin-turbo setup. Also, Kyza’s design is cleaner, more aerodynamic. And in that regard, it reminds us of two recent Chevy renderings the “Camaero” by Karan Adivi and the “Foxmaro” by altered_intent. Also, Colorsponge’s recent work portrays a Camaro racing car with similar lines.

If you want a better view of Kyza’s work than what’s possible in the video, check out the Instagram post below. There, you’ll immediately fall in love with the mix of funny car menace and modern racing aero. Because of the widening panels, this becomes a true muscle car with quite a bit more character than your average 69 Camaro.

The view from the back is actually the most representative of what Ken Block might want in a car. It’s got two Nascar-style spoilers for instant downforce. Massive tires generate that instant AWD traction necessary for Gymkhana stunts. As far as the RPM Potential rating, I’d say this is a 5/10: definitely possible, but unlikely to happen due to budget constraints.



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