Ford Mustang GTD Application Process Begins Early 2024, Deliveries Early 2025, Email Shows

Back in August, Ford shook the Monterey Car Week—the native territory of supercars and hypercars—by unveiling the 2025 Mustang GTD. Loosely described as a road-legal GT race car for the road, this comes with a $300,000 MSRP. However, with that obstacle cleared, how do you get an allocation? Thanks to an email Ford recently sent to those interested in buying one, we now know the Mustang GTD application process is scheduled to kick off in early 2024.

As Ford did with the second-generation GT supercar back in 2016, the carmaker has prepared a thorough selection process for Mustang GTD customers. This complex way of choosing those who get a GTD allocation is designed to keep speculators who would buy one and flip it for profit at bay. And, as the lawsuit that saw John Cena paying an undisclosed amount of money to Ford for violating the no-sell agreement of his GT showed, the carmaker is dead serious about this. Ford also aims to ensure the super-pony makes the best possible impact through those who drive it, so you can expect multiple categories of people to get allocations, from influencers to racers and die-hard Mustang fans.

Like the GT, the Mustang GTD is assembled by Multimatic in Canada. However, while 1,350 units (street-legal) of the supercar were built, the world only gets 300 Mustang GTDs. Based on the GT’s situation—and common sense, really—the GTD will seriously appreciate over time.

Some people assumed that those who got invited to the Monterey unveiling of the 2025 Mustang GT automatically received an allocation. However, that didn’t happen. Instead, back in August, the carmaker told potential customers to inquire via the official Mustang GTD section on the Ford website—at the time of press, it was still possible to place an inquiry.

Ford’s email to potential Mustang GTD customers: deliveries start in early 2025

The next step came in the past week or so, when people who had filled out the form on the said website, essentially expressing their interest in the car, received an email—sources for this include enthusiasts like Mustang GTD forum member Enzo101 and YouTuber Austin, aka Speed Phenom.

Signed by the Mustang GTD team, the email states that the automaker will start accepting applications for the GTD in early 2024. And while many believed the first deliveries of the Ferrari-rivaling ‘Stang would take place late next year, Ford added the first customers will get their GTDs in early 2025.

We look forward to seeing performance enthusiasts behind the wheel of this street-legal, track-ready Mustang [GTD] in early 2025. Due to the exclusive nature of this vehicle, future GTD owners will be selected through an application process that will launch in early 2024. Your interest in applying has been received and you will be notified via email of the date the application window is set to open,” the email reads.

The allocation process for the 2025 Mustang GTD, which targets individuals rather than offering slots to dealerships should also allow Ford to crack down on dealer markups. A brief search reveals at least one dealer (Granger Ford on the Mustang7G forum) aiming to facilitate the process and offer the GTD to customers who get an allocation at MSRP.

The said YouTuber explains how dealers who got to sell the GT and even the Mustang Shelby GT500 had to invest in entering these special Ford programs. The new halo car should follow the same path and the man’s assumption that the Mustang GTD should be eligible for servicing in Ford GT centers is reasonable.

So far, Ford one-upped Ferrari in the 1960s and again in 2016 with the GT, but that was at Le Mans. Now that the 2025 GTD mixes over 800 hp from its supercharged 5.2L V8 with active aero, race-bred suspension, and carbon fiber body panels, it looks like the pony is out to get the Prancing Horse out on the street where everybody can see it in the flesh.



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