Ford Bronco “Forward Control” Looks Like the Perfect Cabover Adventure

America is going crazy for the Ford Bronco and other SUVs like it. But while creating 6×6 versions is the ultimate goal for SEMA tuners, digital artists have a different way of customizing this wild pony. Just check out this Bronco “Forward Control.” It’s so wild and tough-looking that you’d send it anywhere in the world.

This style of design has many names. The artist calls this a Bronco “Van”, and that’s fair. You can think of it as a successor to the Corvair or the F-150-based vans like Econoline.

However, fans of old trucks would probably connect this to a 1950s Ford COE. Having the cab right on top of the engine came with certain packaging advantages that made these work vehicles practical. They were also quite beautifully shaped.

Obviously, this has nothing to do with the Bronco legacy. “as a true Bronco fan, this offends me highly,” one person comments on social media. However, the van-like makeover allows you to see the familiar design of the SUV in a new way.

The Bronco Clydesdale?

That era also produced another famous COE design, the Jeep FC Forward Control. And unlike the old Fords, this had the kind of serious off-roading potential that you see in this Bronco rendering by Samir Sadikhov. While his art is pretty wild, the 3D expert is connected to some epic real-world vehicles, like the Rezvani Tank and two Infiniti concepts (Mint and Essentia).

To get the desired look, the Bronco’s windshield is pushed all the way to the front. This results in a very short hood and a driver seat that’s forward to the doors. It’s pretty rare to climb into a vehicle and then walk forward to drive it. Arctic exploration and sometimes military vehicles do that.

One potential downside is crash protection since the driver and engine share the front end. But the Bronco Forward Control looks like an ice crawler, not a highway cruiser.

The Broco’s already formidable stance is augmented by some oversized, futuristic-looking wheels. They dwarf anything that’s fitted with the Sasquatch package and there’s even a giant spare on the back. We’d imagine fitting it could be tricky if not downright dangerous.



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