Ex-Bugatti and Koenigsegg Designer Penned This 80 Fast Super Yacht for Cantieri di Pisa’s Reinvention

The world of yachts and that of hypercars sometimes overlap in ways that send our jaws to the floor—and we’re not even talking about the 6,000 horsepower delivered by this super yacht. Instead, the vessel, which can be seen as a rendering, for now, was drawn by Etienne Salomé, the interior designer whose resume includes cabins such as those of the Bugatti Chiron and the Koenigsegg Gemera.

The Paris-born penning master, who served Bugatti between 2007 and 2019—we’re not aware of his exact relationship with Koenigsegg, which may be ongoing—also handles yacht designs. And his latest effort, the one that brought us here today, serves the reinvention of an Italian vessel brand with a tradition dating back to 1945.

As stated in his Instagram post below, Salomé was tasked with designing the 80 Fast yacht that will presumably be built by Cantieri di Pisa.

Back in the 1960s and 1970s, the company, whose name is transalted as Pisa Shipyards, delivered creations that borrowed the name of famous constellations (e.g., Pegasus, Polaris, Kitalpha, etc.). However, the specialist was taken over by another Italian brand back in 2015—that would be Mondomarine, itself acquired by Palumbo Superyachts in 2018.

Now, while the Cantieri di Pisa website was still under construction at the time of press, the company’s Instagram showcased a range of six yachts that seem to make up its revival lineup—this Fast 80 is the second from the left.

By the numbers

The company also published a list of specs for the Fast 80, which you’ll find in the second Instagram post below. As its name suggests, this is an 80-feet (24m) yacht, which comes with a cruising speed of 50 knots (59 mph or 93 km/h) and a maximum speed—at half load—of over 60 knots (69 mph or 111 km/h).

That kind of performance is possible thanks to triple V12 turbodiesel engines built by MAN, each of which delivers 2,000 hp, hence the number we mentioned in the intro.

Nevertheless, this is the kind of world dominated by the amenities you see in the interior renderings rather than sheer figures. As such, you can feast your eyes on what the interior of Cantieri di Pisa’s 80 Fast will look like in the gallery below.



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