Electric 2024 Chevrolet Suburban Looks Like a Silverado-Based Tesla Killer

The big American automakers are dead-set becoming part of the electric revolution. And even though most comments we read criticize the 2024 Silverado EV, we think it’s an even bigger deal than the Ford F-150. After all, isn’t Cybertruck’s sales success owed to looking different?

In any case, it’s only natural for Ford and Chevy to start their (real) EV revolution with trucks. They’re the most popular vehicles in America and return a substantial profit. And OH BOY are they going to make profits on a $105,000 Silverado EV.

That’s obviously just the start. General Motors is all about using platforms over and over again. With the regular fuel-powered Silverado, they use that on a whole bunch of other vehicles, all built at the same factory. These include the GMC trucks and a whole bunch of SUVs. Cadillac is already in on the EV action; so is the new Hummer brand.

So it’s only a matter of months before the Chevy Suburban EV is shown. Using the same systems as the Silverado truck will allow them to reduce costs and offer a competitive product. We wouldn’t be surprised if it looks similar as well.

Previewing all that goodness is this set of colorful renderings by the Middle Eastern Instagram page c_zr1. They specialize in GM goodness and found a way to match the Silverado EV’s pickup body with an SUV look.

In concept, the rendering is very simple. But the clean execution makes the 2024 Suburban EV look like a real vehicle, even though it’s not. Because it’s a family SUV and not one of the best-selling, longest-running pickups, it’s going to be better received.

There are obvious differences, yes. The shape of the hood is unlike a normal SUV, and the narrow headlights make this a futuristic model. Let’s not forget that the Suburban can technically be called the first-ever SUV. We’re talking about lineage dating back to 1935… even though it was more of a wagon for rough roads.

Anyway, the rest of the rendering is boxy and conventional but dressed in sharp-looking design details. It’s a strong contrast to the Tesla Model X and its unconventional and sometimes finicky “falcon doors.”



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