2004 Chevrolet Tahoe Made to Look Like a 1957 Bel Air / Nomad Is One Strange Retromod SUV

So this thing just popped up online, a 2004 Chevrolet Tahoe LS that’s been made to look like a 1957 Chevy of sorts. Somebody thought this was a good idea at one point, but now it’s for sale.

This thing has been blowing up on social media for the past couple of hours, and people seem to agree that it’s a bad idea. Obviously, the two vehicles have nothing in common and so the styling clashes, but I bet most of you can respect the execution on this bad boy.

First, here’s what we know for sure. The 2004 Tahoe is for sale on Autotrader for $36,998 and just $29,998 over on a local website called Somerset Automotive Sales, most likely the Fort Myers, Florida dealer which currently owns this abomination.

We also have the vehicle’s VIN, 1GNEC13Z94R251718, and can tell you this is a Tahoe LS with a 5.3-liter V8 making 300 hp, 4-speed auto, and RWD. The odometer reads 49,766 miles, which isn’t a lot considering it’s almost 20 years old.

Either way, this is way above the average price for a Tahoe from that model year, which is about $15,000. I get it, these boxy V8 SUVs are really cool, and I’d personally love a Tahoe SS. But you’re basically paying for the “privilege” of owning a one-of-a-kind throwback to 1957 Chevy cars.

There are zero details out there but based on what we see in the photos, they must have used real 1957 Chevy parts. The front kind of looks like it’s got a big Suburban or Silverado chrome bumper, but it’s decorated with the same bullet-styling elements as a 57 Bel Air. After that, we’ve got a chrome mesh grille and various other trim pieces from the 1950s, such as the badges and iconic hood rockets.

Furthermore, the profile features the trim from a 1957 Chevy, the most flamboyant of the Tri-Five models, ending with large wings which obviously don’t belong on a Tahoe. It’s impossible to miss those wheels too, 6-spoke knockoffs of the famous Cragar alloys. Maybe somebody found those, put them on the Tahoe, thought “that looks like a Bel Air” now, and went too far with it.

As for the rear, there are no direct photos, which suggests that’s where the real horror show happens. However, it’s pretty clear they used real 57 fins, complete with taillights and a hidden gas cap. The vertical chrome strips hint at the rare Nomad, but since this is a 4-door, you can just call it a 210 Wagon and still be technically correct.



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