Dodge Durango Widebody Kit by Shirokai Needs No Hellcat

How can an AWD beast like the Dodge Durango Hellcat ever make its owners unhappy? Apparently, with the automaker having re-introduced the 710 hp super-SUV for 2023, some buyers of the 2021 original, which was presented as a one-year special back in the day, are considering suing the carmaker over the revival. And while there are drivers who simply enjoy the muscle of the machine, one guaranteed way to stay of out trouble is to drive a non-Hellcat Durango. On a more serious note, the naturally aspirated part of the Durango range is now being blessed with a fresh widebody from Shirokai.

How much wider? This is one of the first questions that come to mind when such an aero pack is introduced. So we’ll go ahead and mention that the Shirokai Durango widebody is 80 mm (3.15 inches) wider—on each side—both up front and at the rear.

Of course, the specialist recommends pairing the kit with the kind of custom wheels that can fill those fat arches. And we have a feeling that more than a few of those who enjoy such goodies may also adore air suspension for the fully stanced look (this 1964 GMC C10 Stepside is a brilliant example of the breed).

Made from ABS plastic, the kit consists of the said extrovert fenders (plus add-on bits for both bumpers), side skirts, a front lip spoiler as well as a roof spoiler.

The kit is still in the final phases of development, with the company estimating that the latest time of arrival would be December this year. So, for the time being, we can enjoy a set of renderings portraying the widebody Durango—the package is suitable for the 2018-2020 GT, 2018-2020 SRT, and 2029-2020 GT Plus versions of the mid-size SUV.

Not the even the insane Durango Drag Pack one-off seems to have a widebody

Now, as Mopar fans will tell you, the Durango may enjoy Hellcat motivation, but it doesn’t share the Challenger and Charger’s optional factory widebody. Another asset missing from the Durango range is the Hellcat Redeye version.

Nevertheless, Dodge did take the only Durango Hellcat Redeye they built to a whole new level with the help of builder Tom Bailey. As such, the drag racing specialist was entrusted with building a Dodge Durango Drag Pack, a one-off that should be able to complete the quarter-mile run in 7 seconds or less.



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