Ford Mustang SN-95 New Edge Shirokai Widebody Kit Keeps 90s Design

The three generations of the Ford Mustang we’ve enjoyed over the past two decades have all integrated retro styling cues. And, for many years, this meant that the SN-95 Mustang, New Edge facelift included, with its 90s design, was somewhat overlooked. Nowadays, the fourth-generation SN-95 ‘Stang is a modern classic and the extra attention it gets means that more aftermarket bits are available. Case in point with the Shirokai widebody for the SN-95 New Edge Mustang, which keeps this pony fresh.

Based on an updated version of its predecessor’s Fox platform, the SN-95 is split between the original release (1994-1998MY) and the New Edge facelift introduced in (1999-2004MY)—gone were the soft lines of the original, with the New Edge introducing a more defined look with sharper elements, the kind that turns heads these days.

And while the fourth-gen Mustang lived in the pre-Coyote era (the 4.6L Modular engine was the most common V8), the New Edge SVT Mustang Cobra was the first-ever pony to sport independent rear suspension. And while we’re on this topic, the 2003 and 2004 Terminator Cobra became the first factory-supercharged Mustangs, with their 4.6L V8 churning out 390 hp (395 PS) a generous figure even by today’s standards.

The SN-95 New Edge Shirokai widebody kit

The Shirokai widebody kit targeting the SN-95 New Edge Mustang is no surprise given the massive visual update brought by this revamp. And since we’re dealing with something the specialist calls a basic kit, all the 90s styling cues of the muscle car are still there. Oh, and if you’re a Mopar fan, here’s Shirokai’s modern Dodge Charger widebody kit.

To be more precise, the widebody kit includes a front lip spoiler, front overfenders (these add 3.54 inches/9 cm on each side), and rear overfenders (+4.72 inches/12 cm on each side). Made from ABS plastic, the package is offered for $2,970.

There’s also an optional rear spoiler, whose bold design adds to the aggression introduced by the air extractors on the front overfenders. This comes with a price of $490, bringing the total to $3,460.

Shirokai states that the initial release of its SN-95 New Edge Mustang widebody kit will include 20 units, which are scheduled to be released by the end of the year.

Meanwhile, we can check out the design of the widebody kit in these renderings. And perhaps we’ll get to see the aero live at the SEMA 2023 show, which is set to take place between October 31 and November 3.

How much does a good SN-95 Mustang cost now?

While collectors battling each other via Bring a Trailer or Cars & Bids are pushing prices up for everybody, the SN-95 Mustang hasn’t quite been as affected as other retro generations, which arguably also includes the Fox Body that came before it. And while’re you’re here, you may wish to see this 1980 Ford Mustang McLaren M81, the rarest of Fox Bodies, which recently sold for a massive $75,000.

Sure, with the market driven by inflation, bargains of old are here no more, but we’d still advise against buying an SN-95 with a V6 and sticking to the V8 of the GT and the SVT Cobra—this also stands for you, engine swap fans.

So, if you want to keep the budget in check, you can go for an early Mustang SN-95 (1994-1998MY). In good condition, a GT will cost around $11,000, while the SVT Cobra will pump that to about $20,000.

As for the New Edge SN-95 Mustang (1999-2004MY), a GT in proper condition will be priced at about $13,000, with the SVT Cobra raising the bar to approximately $29,000.

Of course, that last value almost mirrors the $30,920 MSRP of the all-new 2024 Mustang EcoBoost, but there are more affordable ways of getting your hands on an SN-95 ‘Stang, albeit with these involving cars that may or may not run and need servicing attention to get back into shape.



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