Dodge Challenger Pulls “Muscle Trailer” in Custom Camping CGI

Towing a big trailer is still important to the average American, probably more so than any other person in the world. Boats, homes on wheels, jet skis, ATVs, bikes, other cars, etc. However, most of the time, you get a truck for that, a big truck, not even an F-150 or an SUV.

But there used to be a time when Americans took pride in having a car that did it all, including the home-away-from-home jobs. Most have forgotten about that and you can barely find pictures of the Nomads or regular Tri-Fives pulling custom Shasta tailers.

They had matching paint jobs, down to the stripes, the two-tone, and even the white-wall wheels. Of course, we’re also huge fans of those small Airstream models that look good next to pretty much anything.

Like we said, matching trailers aren’t really that popular nowadays. However, Indonesian artist Timothy Adry Emmanuel, aka adry53customs, loved the idea. He thought about making a modern equivalent to inspire our generation of highway travelers.

And since you can’t buy a Chevy Nomad anymore, Adry went to the Detroit company with the biggest engines and the towing credentials. That’s right, Dodge, but not as in Dodge Ram. Instead of a 3500 heavy-duty pickup truck, you’re dealing with a Challenger, the wide-hipped throwback to 1970 muscle car glory.

Adry didn’t do much to the car itself, which looks like a R/T Scat Pack Shaker with a widebody. Instead, the hard part of the rendering is matching the camper trailer by recessing the body around the tail of the car, adding widebody hips and fender flares. Of course, both the wheels and the stripes have to match as well.

The artist believes his creation could be used on trips to the drag strip, fishing or even meeting friends from Forza 5 in real life. As far as the RPM Potential (real project in the making) is concerned, we’d give this an 8/10. You just need the right rock star or country music singer to order a custom trailer, which probably only costs $100,000.



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