All-New BMW iX4M Shows Four-Motor EV Performance Look in Artist Rendering

While many European and American automakers have pledged to go all-electric by the end of the decade, BMW is pursuing a more balanced path that involves offering updated versions of today’s combustion models alongside all-new EVs. However, the Bavarians have already involved their M division in the battery game via the i4 M50 four-door hatchback and the iX M60 crossover. However, while those are M Sport models, we have yet to see an all-out M electric car. Well, that role could be split between the future iX3 M and iX3 M iX4M.

As far as the X3 is concerned, things are pretty clear. The current G01 third-gen model will be replaced by a 2024 combustion model riding on an updated version of the present model’s CLAR modular platform—Mihnea covered the topic via a dedicated rendering back in June.

At the same time, BMW will give us a second-gen battery-powered iX3 that will forego the current electric crossover’s CLAR bones for a dedicated platform called Neue Classe. The iX3 is expected to introduce the world to BMW’s Neue Classe architecture alongside a confirmed 3 Series-sized vehicle.

The combustion BMW X4 is rumored to get the axe

And while it would’ve been only natural to expect a similar trajectory for the X4, the latest rumors talk about the combustion version’s retirement. As such, the Bavarian carmaker is believed to only introduce an iX4 on the Neue Klasse architecture.

However, since we’ve got plenty of waiting to do before the arrival of the expected electric SUV coupe, which could come in 2026, we’ve brought along a rendering portraying the iX4 with a performance twist.

The potential iX4 M is rendered here based on the current X4 M

Returning to the iX4 M point made in the intro, this pixel work brings just that, using the current X4 M as a starting point. And it’s worth noting that digital artist Kleber Silva (aka KDesign AG), has digitally painted both ends of the compact electric crossover for us.

As for the firepower, BMW won’t rest on the 544 hp laurels of the i4 M50. Instead, the carmaker has recently showcased a prototype based on this model, but featuring a quad-motor setup. However, the company didn’t release any tech details on the widebody test car.

And while nothing has been confirmed yet, it would seem only natural for the Bavarians to release an iX3M and iX4 M with this four-motor setup, which could take the output into the four-digit arena, which is currently occupied by the likes of Tesla, Lucid Motors and GM.



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