Camaro ZL1 “Exotic Muscle” Is an Epic Widebody Rendering

The Chevy Camaro is one of my favorite cars when it comes to custom builds. While the Hellcat and GT500 get mainstream attention, you wouldn’t believe the sorts of Camaro body kits that are out there. But this rendering turns the ZL1 version of the muscle car into an exotic one that looks like it’s been designed by Audi or Lamborghini.

It’s unmistakably the work of Hycade, a pixel perfectionist whose YouTube videos rack up tens of thousands of views every time. They do this by really playing with your imagination and converting familiar performance cars into exotics.

We have a sneaking suspicion that Hycade’s requirement for a good rendering is to “take American and Japanese cars and make them look, German.” The widebody conversions are tasteful like they’ve been designed for $200,000 car buyers.

This Camaro ZL1, for example, doesn’t seem to want to play with its Ford and Dodge rivals. Instead, the bodywork is a mix of BMW and Audi inspirations. At the front, the fenders bulge out a good foot from the width of the doors. A complete makeover for the front bumper has also been done, with large geometric intakes. It reminds us of both the Audi RS6/RS7 and the Nissan GT-R.

We’d also point out the hood insert, a probable tribute to the C7 Corvette Z06, which was also trying to be more European. Hycade’s creation is just as crazy from the back. There, the diffuser resembles the latest BMW M8 or the RS6. However, a custom exhaust setup with four titanium pipes stacked vertically lets you know the Camaro is also doing its own thing.

Finally, we have a giant wing and oversized wheels. Oh, and the light signatures appear much crisper than Chevy’s disastrous design.



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