C8 Corvette With C7 Stingray Front Design Is an Avante Widebody Render

Often the cars we ignore today are future classics, underappreciated until the right moment. And that’s likely to be the case with the C7 Corvette. After all, there’s no true American sports car that’s ever truly ignored.

I still remember the official debut of the C7. Despite it not being… mid-engined, this was a revolution in all regards, from the way it’s built to handling and technology. The Stingray design was also universally loved, the perfect contrast from its predecessors.

At first, it might seem like the C7 isn’t special. But if you think about it, being the last front-engined Corvette makes it special. It also sold for way less money and made amazing horsepower with bolt-on superchargers, perfect for a collector’s car that can be driven.

Of course, the C8 is better from an engineering perspective. Having its V8 in the middle provides better traction while also making it exotic. This makes a 2022 Corvette quite expensive to buy and popular with customizers of all types. We’ve even seen oversized wheels in the donk style.

But the next rendering portrays the C8 Corvette as something old, something with the features of its predecessor. The idea isn’t new; I think Rostislav made some amazing 3D models of a front-engined C8. But nobody thought of putting the old features of the Stingray on this latest model until Avante Design House.

The rendering also doubles as a widebody kit, but we were mostly concerned with what’s happening at the front end. There, the black mouth of the Stingray appears, as it would be on both the base model and the old Z06. The chin spoiler also echoes the design of the late 2010s.

The artist says he had to pay tribute to the classic supercharger hood and vent design. So even those this is a mid-engined car, it’s got similar black inserts to the old Z06. Of course, this also doubles as a widebody rendering. But it’s more like the fenders were rolled to accommodate bigger tires instead of a bolt-on job. ADV.1510 wheels take advantage of this stance to create something special with visual help from the slammed suspension.



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